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ABOUT US - We are a third-party service provider offering mail setup and email configuration services. If you encounter issues while setting up your email account or need assistance with the email set up, contact our tech support team for on-call assistance.

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We provide mail set up assistance with email-related issues. We can help you troubleshoot the email issue and resolve it in a few simple steps. An email service may be blocked by a firewall or any changes made to your computer. We can help you identify the issue and regain access to your email account.

Why You Need A Mailing List?

Mail Setup - You can create a mailing list to add multiple contacts to lists that you create. It can be for personal or business purposes. When you create a mailing list, you can send newslettersand other such information to a list of contacts to whom the content is relevant.

How To Create Labels To Organize Gmail?

When you receive emails, it is quite helpful to label the emails which you send or receive. In this way, your emails will be organized, and you can find emails easily. In Gmail, this option is located on the left-hand side panel. Click ‘ Create new label’ and type a name for the label. Move any email to a label by dragging it and dropping it on the label which you created.

Why Create A Mail Merge?

A mail merge merges the email recipient information such as the email address, phone number, address, and so on. This information is used to send personalized emails to email recipients. It is useful when you need to send personalized emails to multiple email recipients and helps you save time. You can create a mail merge using applications on Windows and Mac computers. You can use the Word Web app as well.

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How To Create Group Mail

How To Create A Group Mail on Outlook?

To create a mailing list in your email client, create a contact group. To do this, open the Outlook address book and choose Contacts from the list given below the Address Book. Choose the Contact Group option from the ‘Select the entry type’ list and select ‘In the Contacts’ in the ‘Put this Entry’ field. Click OK. You can now send emails to the mailing list that you created.

How To Compose A New Email

How To Compose A New Email?

To compose an email, click the Compose email button. For most of the Mail setup service providers, the Compose button is located on the left-hand side of the screen. In the Gmail application dashboard, the Compose email button is displayed in red on the upper-left side. Provide the subject line, email recipient, and email body before clicking Send.

How To Delete Email

How To Delete Email?

To delete an email, the process is similar across most software and web-based email services. You need to open the email inbox through the web-based service or software on the computer. Then, select the email to be deleted and click the Trash icon.

Easy Method | Delete Mail Account, App & Contacts

How To Delete Mail App

How To Delete Mail App?

To delete an email application, depending on the operating system which you use, the steps will vary. On Windows computer, you can go to Add/Remove Programs, choose the app, and uninstall it. On Mac computer, navigate to the Applications folder, drag the email app, and drop it in the recycle bin.

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Mail Setup Storage

Mail Storage

Mail storage is one type of personal storage where the customers can send content, items, or delivery service to be saved at the center location. This is the actual amount of data in MB where the email messages have occupied on the server. Each character in an email holds one byte of the storage space. This can be helpful once when the email inbox is overloaded with the messages, which can make the application work slow. In this case, the mail storage would help you store the messages and clean up the inbox. This mail storage will also have a specific amount of space that the messages can be stored. The mail storage can be an essential component in email applications to save the messages.

AOL Mail Setup Guide

AOL Mail Setup Guide

The AOL mail set up can be done in two ways one is IMAP, and the other is POP. From the Email accounts, touch the Other options and choose the manual configuration method. Type the name and the password and check the information in the general settings. Next, touch the Incoming server and then select the IMAP server. Now touch the Advanced settings option and then verify the active Use Secure connection. Type the port number and the user name. Enter the password for the AOL and then touch the OK button. To set up through the pop3 account, again touch the general option and check for all the necessary settings and verify whether you have selected the correct details. Next, touch the incoming server and then choose the pop3 server. Now, tick Use a secure connection and then choose Verify Certificate. Now, enter the port number as 995. Click the save option to apply these settings.

Some Of Mail Functions Guidance

How to Change Font Size

How To Change Font Size?

Mail Setup - To change the email address, open the Email application. Click the mail address pull-down list, and then you have to click Edit email addresses.

 Change your Mail

How To Change your Mail Name?

To change the email address, open the Email application. Click the mail address pull-down list,

Recover Emails From Gmail

Guide: Recover Emails from Gmail

Emails that you have deleted from the Inbox folder will be in the trash for a maximum of 30 days on Gmail.

How To Archive Emails

How To Archive Emails On Gmail?

To archive the emails on Gmail, sign in to the Gmail account on your web browser. Choose the message that you want to archive.

How To Unarchive Emails

How To Unarchive Emails On Gmail?

First, log in to the account and extend the side tab to choose All mail to activate the All mail view.

How To Install AOL Mobile App?

How To Install AOL Mobile App

You can install the AOL application on your mobile phone. First, open the Play Store (Android mobile phone) or the Apple Store (iPhone) application. In the search field, type AOL. From the displayed search result, tap the AOL application icon and touch the Install button. Once done, open the downloaded AOL mobile application and accept the Terms and Conditions. Now, proceed to configure your mail setup on the AOL mobile application. Through this mobile application, you can check your mail messages from anywhere and at any time.

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