How To Setup Airmail Email Client For Mac?

Airmail Email Client For Mac

Airmail is an email client that is designed with powerful features. It is extremely fast, responsive, and highly customizable. To know more about the Airmail email client for Mac, check this page.

If you want to access Airmail, then start adding your email account in Airmail.

Setting up Airmail using IMAP for Mac:

  • Step 1:On your Mac computer, open Airmail from the dock.
  • Step 2:On opening the Airmail application, you’ll be taken to the Add your email account window.
  • Step 3:Select your email provider from the Services drop-down menu.
  • Step 4:Click the Add button.

On the screen that is displayed, you have to enter the IMAP credentials.

Entering IMAP credentials:

  • Step 1:Enter your name and then type in your full email address in the respective fields.
  • Step 2:Enter the password.
  • Step 3:Fill in the Incoming mail server field and Outgoing mail server field.
  • Step 4:Enable the Authentication checkbox.
  • Step 5:Ensure that you type the correct settings provided by your email provider.
  • Step 6:Click the blue Add button.
  • Step 7:Now, Airmail identifies your account details and creates an email account.

Setting up Airmail email client for MacOS:

  • Step 1:On your Mac computer, go to Mail.
  • Step 2:Select General at the top-left corner.
  • Step 3:Select Airmail from the Default email reader drop-down menu and change the other necessary settings.
  • As Airmail is highly customizable, you can set notification alerts for Airmail in Mac. Here’s how to do it.

  • Step 4:On your dock, open Airmail.
  • Step 5:Go to General and then scroll down to Notifications.
  • Step 6:Select Notification to enable it.
  • Step 7:From the available drop-down menu, you can choose any of the options to be available in the notification alert.
  • You can also snooze email messages by following the below-mentioned instructions.

  • Step 8:Start right-clicking on any email message in the Inbox.
  • Step 9:A pop-up menu appears.
  • Step 10:Select Snooze.
  • Step 11:You’ll find several options, such as Later Today, This Evening, etc., from the snooze menu.
  • Step 12:Select one of the options.
  • Step 13:After selecting, your message will be moved to a Snooze folder. The Snooze folder is seen on the left navigation bar.
  • Step 14:An orange dot indicates a Snoozed message.
  • This guide will provide you with detailed instructions to configure your mail setup mac airmail page. To know more about any mail issues verify on the mail setup page.

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