How To Setup Aol 504 Bad Gateway

How To Setup Aol 504 Bad Gateway

AOL mail has been on the Internet since 1985, and it is known to be one of the free email services. AOL offers many features for its users, some of which are mail recall, calendar, AIM panel, and many more. These features made AOL mail one of the most sought services across generations. One of the best features of AOL is the 250 GB mailbox size. It allows you to send attachment files of up to 25 MB in a single mail. The auto-correct and spell-check features are also there with AOL 504 bad gateway.

And we all know nothing is perfect. This applies to AOL as well. Off late, AOL mail is facing login problems?, and this is one of the main problems posted online by users frequently. The Error 504 Gateway timeout is the most common issue encountered by AOL users. AOL 504 is a reason for the gateway timeout. There is a chance that the server is unable to get a response from another server.

What causes the Error 504 in AOL?

  • Step 1:A problem with the computer.
  • Step 2:A network problem.
  • Step 3:The server from AOL’s side is down.
  • Step 4:It could be an email server error.
  • Step 5:The AOL account is left unattended for more than 90 days.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • step 1:Press the F5 button on the keyboard while the AOL page is open. A simple refresh can fix the issue.
  • step 2:Uninstall the existing browser and install it again. Using different browsers can also solve the issue.
  • step 3:Opt for a different Internet Service Provider.
  • step 4:Check the browser settings for cache, cookies, and browsing history.
  • step 5:Check the AOL webpage regularly; you will be resolved from the aol mail bad gateway 504 error.

Additionally, here are some methods that can help you resolve the aol bad gateway 504 problem.

Method 1:Check The Internet Connection

  • step 1:Check the Internet connection on your computer because it can be a reason behind the AOL mail login problems.
  • step 2:If you find the computer disconnected from the Internet, open the Wi-Fi settings and sign in to your wireless network.
  • step 3:Try logging in to your AOL mail; you will no longer face the AOL mail bad gateway 504 error.

Method 2: Check The Browser Settings

Clear the Internet browser history, browser's cache, and cookies on your browser to fix the AOL mail Bad Gateway 504 problem. Here are the steps to delete browsing history in these top browsers.

How to delete browsing history?

Google Chrome:

  • step 1:Open the Google Chrome browser.
  • step 2:Press the shortcut keys Ctrl + H (This will open the browsing history)
  • step 3:Click Clear Browsing data on the left section of the page.
  • step 4:Select the Browsing History option from the list and then click the Clear Data button.


  • step 1:Click the Safari icon on your Mac computer.
  • step 2:The Safari browser will now open.
  • step 3:At the top section of the browser, you will see a list of tabs; click the History option from the row.
  • step 4:The Safari browser will now show you the browsing history- The websites you have visited.
  • step 5:You will find the Clear History.. button just on top.
  • step 6:Click the Clear History.. button.

Restart AOL in a new tab, and you won't face the aol 504 bad gateway error.

Method 3: Disable Firewall Or Antivirus

  • step 1:Antivirus or Firewall can be one of the reasons behind the AOL mail 504 bad gateway error.
  • step 2:Open the Settings window (Windows + I).
  • step 3:Click the Update & Security option.
  • step 4:Select the Windows Security option.
  • step 5:Click the Firewall & network protection option.
  • step 6:Under the Firewall section, click the slider to turn it off.

Method 4: Move To A Different Internet Browser

If AOL is not working in the current browser, you can download different browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Edge, etc.

Follow the simple troubleshooting methods described in order to not encounter the aol 504 bad gateway,problem.

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