How To Download AOL Mail App For Mac

AOL Mail App For Mac

AOL Desktop Gold is the ideal application for Mac. AOL Desktop Gold is an all-in-one web software that combines the best features of AOL. With AOL Desktop, you can use almost all the AOL services, including email services, news, music, etc. Continue to read the following sections to download and install the AOL mail app for Mac.

AOL Desktop Gold – System Requirements

AOL Desktop Gold is compatible with the Mac operating system. But before you install it on your computer, you need to check whether your Mac meets all the system requirements for AOL Desktop Gold. In case it doesn’t meet any of the requirements mentioned below, your Mac would be incompatible with your AOL Desktop Gold and will fail to run smoothly.

  • Step 1:The hard disk of your Mac should have at least 512 MB of free space.
  • Step 2:The Internet connection you are using has to be fast and secure enough.
  • Step 3:The computer processor has to be 266 MHz or faster.
  • Step 4:The RAM of your Mac must be 1 GB or above.

Once your Mac meets all the basic system requirements mentioned above, you can start downloading the AOL Mail App For Mac just as mentioned below.

AOL Desktop Gold – Advantage Plan

  • Step 1:If you are an AOL Advantage Plan member, you can download AOL Desktop Gold with the following steps.
  • Step 2:On your Mac, log in to your AOL account and navigate to the My Benefits page.
  • Step 3:Click on the All products tab and select AOL Desktop Gold.
  • Step 4:Then, press the Download now option and install the latest version of AOL Desktop Gold on your Mac computer by following the on-screen instructions.

AOL Desktop Gold - subscription/trial

  • Step 1:If you have bought the subscription online or have signed up for AOL Desktop Gold’s trial version, download AOL Mail App for Mac by following the steps given here.
  • Step 2:In your default browser, log in to your AOL account, and navigate to the My Accounts tab.
  • Click on the Services and Subscription option. Then, choose AOL Desktop Gold from the displayed list, hit on the Get Started option, and follow the on-screen
  • Step 3:installation steps.

AOL Desktop Gold - Download Link

  • Step 1:As soon as you sign up for AOL Desktop Gold, you will receive a confirmation mail from AOL along with the download link. You can use that download link to download and install the AOL Desktop Gold application on your computer.
  • Step 2:On your computer, log in to your AOL account and open the AOL confirmation mail. Look for the download link titled Download AOL Desktop Gold and click on it.
  • Step 3:Now, follow the on-screen step-by-step instructions to complete the installation of AOL Mail App for Mac.

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