Aol Mail Not Working On Outlook

Aol Mail Not Working On Outlook

When trying to fix AOL mail not working on outlook issue, users find it challenging due to any technical issue or incorrect server settings. You can troubleshoot the problem when you are stuck on these email issues by following the instructions provided in this article.

What Causes The Problem?

As AOL mail works with several operating systems, many users would prefer configuring their AOL mail account on MS Outlook. While configuring, some users might type the server settings information incorrectly, which leads to the “Aol Not Working With Outlook” problem.

Also, due to an incorrect password, your email account will not be synced to your Outlook account. It causes the problem.

You can now proceed with the solutions to fix the AOL mail not connecting to the Outlook server issue.

Verify The Server Settings:

It is recommended to check the IMAP or POP3 settings whenever you face trouble using AOL mail not working on outlook 2016.

POP3 Protocol:

  • Step 1:Incoming mail server –
  • Step 2:Outgoing mail server –
  • Step 3:Port numbers – 995 (incoming mail server); 465 (outgoing mail server)
  • Step 4:Encryption type – SSL

IMAP Protocol:

  • step 1:Incoming mail server –
  • step 2:Outgoing mail server –
  • step 3:Port numbers – 993 (incoming mail server); 465 (outgoing mail server)
  • step 4:Encryption type – SSL

Now, check the server settings as mentioned above for your Outlook account.

If the above solution is not satisfactory, move on to the next one for fix aol mail not working on outlook issue.

Sometimes, updating the password on your Outlook account might resolve the AOL mail issue without connecting to the Outlook server. Make sure that you update the password on your Outlook email client whenever you change the password on your AOL mail account.

Updating The Password:

  • step 1:Navigate to Email Accounts on Outlook.
  • step 2:Select Account Settings and then choose your AOL mail account.
  • step 3:Now, update the password. It fixes the problem.

In case you’re using an old version of your email client, there are possibilities that you cannot access your AOL mail account with Outlook. It cannot connect to the Outlook server.

Updating The Email Client Application:

    An outdated version of your email client application causes the problem. So, it is recommended to update your email client to its latest version. After updating it, you need to add your AOL account to the updated Outlook app. Later, check if the problem is resolved or not.

Try to implement the steps as described above to resolve AOL mail not working on outlook issues.

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