AOL Mail Offline On MAC

When your AOL mail account turns offline on Mac, you cannot send or receive any messages. You need to check the fundamentals to fix your offline issue. If you find your AOL mail offline on your Mac, you need to check whether the Internet connection is stable. At times, you might have kept your AOL email offline on Mac unintentionally. However, you can fix it by following the remedies given below to solve AOL mail offline on MAC issue. 

Remove And Add The Aol Account

  • Step 1:Remove your AOL account from your Mac device.
  • Step 2:Add the same AOL account again to your Mac and check whether you have resolved your issue.

Check Your Aol Mail Smtp Settings

  • Step 1:Whatever the device might be, the settings of the AOL mail server remain the same. When there is a change in your SMTP settings, it will stop AOL Mail from functioning efficiently. Recheck your SMTP settings with the following credentials. Keep the SMTP server address as
  • Step 2:Let the SMTP username be your AOL mail server name. Keep the Port number as 587. To enable SSL encryption for incoming and outgoing mails, keep the SSL/TLS option as Yes.
  • Step 3:Refresh your Mailbox and check if the issue of the AOL Mail turning offline on Mac is resolved.

Refresh Your Mail Account And Restart Your Mac Device

  • Step 1:Press the Shift, Command, and N keys simultaneously. Now, your mail account will be refreshed.
  • Step 2:Click on the Apple icon and hit Restart from the drop-down menu. Now, check whether it worked out.
  • Step 3:On your Mac, navigate to the Mail menu and then to Preferences. Select the Accounts tab and choose your AOL account. Navigate to the Server Settings tab and ensure that the Outgoing mail account is set to the AOL server.

Keep Your Mail Account Online

  • Step 1:On your Mac, navigate to Mailbox and click on Online Status from the drop-down menu. Now, click on Take AOL online.
  • Step 2:If you want to turn all the mail accounts online, click on Take all accounts online in the Mailbox menu.
  • Step 3:Now, check whether you have fixed your AOL mail offline on MAC issue.

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