Guide: AOL Mail Verizon POP Settings

AOL Mail Verizon POP Settings

To send and receive emails from your AOL email account using an email client, you have to manually set up the email account in the email client. While configuring your AOL Mail account, you have to choose either IMAP or POP as your incoming server. In case you prefer to use POP as your incoming mail server, then you must know the "AOL mail Verizon POP settings".

By using the POP mail server, you can download all your emails to the email client and the email account cannot be accessed from any other email client.

The POP and SMTP settings for the AOL Mail account are given here for your reference. AOL Mail POP Settings

  • Incoming mail server -
  • Incoming port - 995
  • Encryption - SSL AOL Mail SMTP Settings

  • Outgoing mail server -
  • Outgoing port - 465
  • Encryption - SSL

The simple steps to add the AOL mail Verizon POP settings to email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows 10 Mail, and Mac Mail are provided on this page.

AOL Mail Verizon Setup in Outlook 2019

Manual setup of AOL Mail account using POP settings in Outlook 2019

  • Step 1 : Launch the Microsoft Outlook 2019 email client.
  • Step 2 : At the top, click the File tab.
  • Step 3 : As soon as the next window opens, go to the Info tab in the left panel. Click Add Account in the main panel.
  • Step 4 : Type the email address of your AOL Mail account.
  • Step 5 : Click Advanced options and select the Let me set up my account manually checkbox.
  • Step 6 : To continue with the manual email setup, click the Connect button.
  • Step 7 : Choose POP in the Choose account type window.
  • Step 8 : Navigate to the Incoming mail section for AOL mail Verizon POP settings.
  • Step 9 : Type in the Server field.
  • Step 10 : Enter 995 in the Port field.
  • Step 11 : Choose SSL/TLS from the Encryption method drop-down menu.
  • Step 12 : Go to the Outgoing mail section.
  • Step 13 : In the Server field, enter
  • Step 14 : Type 465 in the Port field.
  • Step 15 : Select the SSL/TLS option from the Encryption drop-down menu.
  • Step 16 : Make sure to select the Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) checkbox in both the Incoming mail and Outgoing mail sections.
  • Step 17 : Click Next to proceed further.
  • Step 18 : Enter your email account’spassword in the Password field and click Connect.
  • Step 19 : If you see the Account successfully added message, it indicates that the net AOL Mail account has been configured in Outlook 2019 with the POP settings.

AOL Mail Verizon Setup in Thunderbird

AOL Mail Verizon POP Settings - Manual setup of AOL Mail account using POP settings in Thunderbird

  • Step 1 : Launch the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.
  • Step 2 : Go to the Local Folders tab in the left panel.
  • Step 3 : In the main panel, navigate to Accounts and click Email.
  • Step 4 : Fill all the necessary fields correctly.
  • Step 5 : Click the Continue button.
  • Step 6 : Choose thePOP account type and provide the following AOL mail Verizon POP settings details.

Incoming Server:

  • Server hostname -
  • Port - 995
  • Authentication - Normal password

Outgoing Server:

  • Server hostname -
  • Port - 465
  • Authentication - Normal password
  • Username - Your email address
  • Step 7 : Click Done to complete the net AOL Mail account setup using POP settings in Thunderbird.
  • AOL Mail Verizon POP Settings in Mac Mail

    Manual setup of AOL Mail account using POP settings in Mac Mail

    • Step 1 : Navigate to the Mail menu and choose the Preferences option.
    • Step 2 : In the Accounts tab, click the plus sign at the bottom.
    • Step 3 : Fill the Full Name, Email Address, Password fields and click Continue in the Add Account window.
    • Step 4 : Choose POP from the Account Type drop-down menu.
    • Step 5 : Type the name of your email account in the Description field.
    • Step 6 : Navigate to the Incoming Mail Server field, type
    • Step 7 : Enter your email address and password in the User Name and Password fields, respectively.
    • Step 8 : Click Continue.
    • Step 9 : Type in the Outgoing Mail Server field.
    • Step 10 : Fill the Description, User Name, Password fields.
    • Step 11 : Select the checkbox next to the Use only this server and Use Authentication options.
    • Step 12 : Click Continue and wait until your AOL Mail account is configured with the POP settings in Mac Mail.

    AOL Mail Verizon Setup in Windows 10 Mail

    AOL Mail Verizon POP Settings - Manual setup of AOL Mail account using POP settings in Windows 10 Mail

    • Step 1 : Launch the Windows 10 Mail application.
    • Step 2 : Click the cog icon.
    • Step 3 : Select Manage Account -> Add account -> Advanced setup -> Internet email.
    • Step 4 : Enter your AOL Mail account details as given below.
      • Account name - Your email address
      • Your name - Your display name
      • Incoming email server -
      • Account Type - POP
      • Email address - Your email address
      • Password - Your email account password
      • Outgoing (SMTP) email server -
      • Select the following four options.
      • Outgoing server requires authentication
      • Use the same user name and password for sending email
      • Require SSL for incoming email
      • Require SSL for outgoing email
      • Click the Sign in button.
    • Step 5 : Once you finish entering the AOL mail Verizon POP settings, click Finish to complete the email account setup.

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