Resolve Apple Mail Not Receiving Emails Issue

“Are you unable to receive new emails in the Apple Mail?” If yes, continue reading this page to know the causes and solutions to resolve this issue. Apple Mail is designed to work on iOS devices such as iPhones, iPods, Apple watches, and Mac. Setting up and using this email client is pretty easy. However, users face many problems when using it on their devices. Many users have reported that “Apple Mail Not Receiving Emails.” Now, let us see the causes and solutions in detail.

Causes Of Email Not Receiving Issue

This problem might occur due to so many reasons, and some of them are:

  • Step 1:Unstable Internet connection
  • Step 2:Mistyped email address
  • Step 3:Mail filter settings
  • Step 4:Disabled/offline account
  • Step 5:Blocked email address
  • Step 6:Incorrect incoming mail server settings
  • Step 7:Firewall

Resolving The “mail Receive” Problem

If you can’t receive new emails in the Apple Mail client on your Mac computer, try the following simple and quick troubleshooting solutions one by one. After performing each solution, check if the mail issue is resolved. If it doesn’t work, proceed with the next solution.

Resolving The Internet Connection Issue

  • step 1:As the first step of troubleshooting this mail issue, check whether your Mac computer is connected to a stable Internet connection because an unstable internet connection can be the main reason behind these kinds of apple mail not receiving emails problems.
  • step 2:If your Internet is unstable, try a different connection. After doing that, click the Get Mail button on the Apple Mail app screen to check whether you’re able to receive new emails.

Modifying The Email Filter Settings

  • step 1:Secondly, check if the email filter settings that you have configured in the Mail app are blocking the email from receiving. If yes, delete or remove it.
  • step 2:Open the Filter window in the Mail app.
  • step 3:Choose the filter you want to remove under the Active filters section.
  • step 4:Click on the Filter icon (which looks like a funnel) beside the selected filter to remove it.

Activate Your Account

  • step 1:Thirdly, if your email account is offline or disabled, there is a chance for you to face this apple mail not receiving emails Issue.
  • step 2:To check and bring back your account online, open the Mailbox window in the Mail app. Select “Take All Account Online.” If you want to take one specific account online, select the Online Status option in the Mailbox window and select “Take Online.”
  • Relaunching The Mail App

    • step 1:A quick restart can resolve the common problems.
    • step 2:Fourthly, close the Apple Mail app completely and relaunch it.

    Other Possible Solutions

    • step 1:If you’re not receiving emails from one specific email address, then see if you have blocked that address.
    • step 2:Temporarily, disable the firewall software running on your computer.
    • step 3:Ask the sender to check whether your email address is entered correctly in the To field. If not, share your correct email address over a call or SMS and ask him/her to resend the mail.

    If the Apple Mail Not Receiving Emails, even after performing the above solutions, contact us.

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