Apple Mail Search Not Working

Apple Mail Search Not Working Issue

Are you having trouble searching through your emails using Apple Mail? If so, you're not alone. Many users are reporting that the apple mail search not working as expected. In some cases, the search feature won't even launch at all. Here, we provide some tips to try if the Apple email search is not working as it should.

Common Reasons

  • Step 1:A bug issue
  • Step 2:Software issue in the Mail application
  • Step 3:Outdated macOS
  • Step 4:Spotlight search issue

These are the common reasons for the Apple Mail search issue. But, you can fix it quickly in no time with the help of our instructions. Or, you can call our expert team for better assistance.

Steps For Fix Search Not Working In Apple Mail Issue

If you're experiencing issues with your Apple Mail search, you can do a few things to troubleshoot the problem as quickly as possible.

Log Out And Log In

The simplest and quickest way to fix the apple mail search not working issue is by logging out of your mail account and logging in again. After logging in, try to use the Mail search to check if it functions correctly.

Reset Apple Mail

Any bug or software issue can affect the Apple Mail search functions. Resetting the application is a better option to fix bug issues.

  • step 1:Hit the Launchpad found at the dock of your Mac.
  • step 2:Click on the search field, and type Activity Monitor.
  • step 3:Launch the Mail application on your Mac.
  • step 4:Click on the Memory Tab.
  • step 5:Type Mail in the search field.
  • step 6:Click Mail --> Quit.
  • step 7:Select Confirm when asked for confirmation.
  • step 8:Do the same on MailCaches.
  • step 9:Now, close the Activity Monitor and relaunch the Mail app.
  • step 10:Check if the Mail search is working as expected.

Rebuild The Mailbox

  • step 1:Launch the Mail app.
  • step 2:Click on the Mailbox.
  • step 3:Select Rebuild.
  • step 4:Restart your Mac and then relaunch the Mail app.
  • step 5:Check if the Mail Search function is working correctly.

We hope that our blog was helpful and you were able to find a solution to the apple mail search not working problem. Call us by clicking the below button if you can’t fix it yourself.

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