How To Change AOL Password On Iphone?

How To Change AOL Password On Iphone?

In this article we will see how to change AOL password on iphone. AOL Mail is one of the finest mail services you’ll ever get to see. Being in the market for a couple of decades, AOL has come a long way. Some of the notable features of AOL Mail are the ability to unsend emails, mail recall, calendars, and many more.


These features have made AOL Mail one of the most sought services across generations. One of the best features of AOL is the 250 GB mailbox size. It allows you to send attachment files of up to 25 MB in a single mail. The auto-correct and spell-check features are also present in AOL Mail.


And we all know that every email service is, sometimes, vulnerable. This applies to AOL as well. Recently, AOL Mail is facing some security issues, and many users claim no password is safe when it comes to using AOL on an iPhone. We are here to put the issue to rest. It is safe to say that changing the AOL mail password on the iPhone is the best solution, and here’s how you do it.  

(NOTE: It is safe to keep your password updated at least once a month)

Some protocols to follow for changing the AOL password on your iPhone

  • Step 1:Add two or more special characters
  • Step 2:Keep the AOL password simple and easy to remember
  • Step 3: Do not use spaces in passwords
  • Step 4: Use a minimum of 8 characters

Here are the steps to change AOL password on Iphone

  • step 1: Turn on your iPhone.
  • step 2:From the Home screen, scroll and select the AOL Mail app.
  • step 3:When the AOL Mail app opens, locate the AOL logo present in the top-left corner.
  • step 4:Tap the AOL icon.
  • step 5:Scroll through the options and select the Settings & privacy option.
  • step 6:Under the Settings & privacy section, select the Manage accounts option.
  • step 7:Right under your AOL Mail name, select the Account info option.
  • step 8:Under ACCOUNT SECURITY, tap the Security Settings option.
  • step 9:Tap the Change password option.
  • step 10:When the screen shows the Create a new password message, enter a new password in the provided field.
  • step 11:Tap Continue.

You have successfully change AOL password on iPhone. If you wish to have more queries regarding AOL Mail answered, click the CALL button on this page for technical assistance.

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