How To Report Comcast Phishing Email

How To Report Comcast Phishing Email

Phishing emails can harm your computer and will lead to devastating results. If you receive emails from someone posing with Comcast's identity, you need to report those phishing emails to Comcast. If you fail to report those emails, you will probably end up with trouble. This article will guide you through the complete process if you want to know how to report Comcast phishing emails.

What is a Phishing email

Phishing is a social engineering attack that can steal users' login credentials and credit card numbers. It usually occurs when an attacker dupes himself as a trusted entity and tricks the recipient into clicking a malicious link. This click will lead to a ransom attack or stealing of sensitive information.

Common phishing attack examples

  • Step 1:An email claiming that your password is about to expire, or you can renew the password by clicking the included link.
  • Step 2:In most instances, you might have recognized an email through which the scammers would send a link to renew your antivirus program with a 50 % discount.

How to report a Comcast phishing email

If you encounter phishing emails from someone with Comcast identity, you need to report them as soon as possible. Follow the instructions below to report phishing emails to Comcast:

  • step 1:Open your email account and copy the complete message header of that phishing email.
  • step 2:Now, compose a new email and paste the copied message along with the header.
  • step 3:In the Subject area, enter Phishing email and send it to

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