Steps: Configure Outlook 2016 on Mac for Exchange

Configure Outlook 2016 on Mac for Exchange

If you have an active Microsoft Exchange account, you can link it with your Microsoft Outlook account on Mac to manage the mails easily in one place.

Carry out the steps given below to configure Outlook 2016 on Mac for Exchange:

  • Step 1:Launch the Outlook 2016 application and click Add Account. Then, select Exchange if you are opening the Outlook account for the first time.
  • Step 2:If you already have an active Outlook account, click the Tools menu and select Accounts.
  • Step 3:Select the Add Email Account tab and enter the email address of the Exchange account. Then, click Continue.
  • Step 4:Enter the username and password of your Exchange account in the appropriate fields. 
  • Step 5:In the Domain/username or Email section, type in your email address and select Add Account.
  • Step 6:When prompted for permission to allow the server to configure settings, click Allow.
  • Step 7:You will receive a confirmation message in the window after the Exchange email account is added. Then, click Done.
  • Step 8:If you have another email account and you want to add it on Outlook, click the Add Another Account tab and follow the instructions on the screen to add the new email account.
  • Step 9:Select the Advanced tab and follow the instructions on the screen to complete configure Outlook 2016 on Mac for Exchange.
  • Step 10:In Outlook 2011, click the “+” icon from the Accounts section. Then select Exchange and enter the details of the account. 
  • Step 11:Check the box next to the Configure automatically option. Then, click the Add Account button. Click Allow in the next prompt.
  • Step 12:In Outlook 2019, choose the Exchange icon in the Set Up your Email window.
  • Step 13:Your Exchange account will be successfully configured and synced to your Microsoft Outlook account.

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