How To Create Multiple Email Accounts In Yahoo

Do you wish to know how to create multiple email accounts in Yahoo Yahoo, one of the leading email service providers, allows every user to create an additional email account.

Why do we add multiple email accounts? Why do we switch often? Accessing multiple email accounts isn’t a big thing. And, adding multiple email accounts is simple. Look at the solutions mentioned in this article.

How to create multiple email accounts in your Yahoo mail? As your Yahoo mail account comes with a calendar, notepad, and address book, one can manage other multiple email accounts created in Yahoo. Here, you’ll find information related to creating multiple Yahoo email accounts.

At first, let’s start with signing into the Yahoo Mail account.

  • Step 1:Using the default web browser on your computer, go to the Yahoo Sign-in page.
  • Step 2:Enter the username, email address, or mobile number, and then click Next.
  • Step 3:Enter the password and sign in to the Yahoo email account.
  • Step 4:Enable the Sign in checkbox under the Password section if necessary.

Later, you need to continue with the on-screen instructions to complete creating the multiple email accounts in Yahoo.

  • step 5:After which, you’ll have to navigate to the required option to add an account. So, click the Add account option. Handling more than one account in Yahoo has never been easier. Now, continue with the following steps to create multiple email accounts.
  • step 6:It’s time to click on the profile image and then click Add or Manage accounts.
  • step 7:Again, click Add account.
  • step 8:Sign in with a different account. Begin to send emails from this account. You can also receive emails in all your multiple accounts.

That’s it.

You’ve now seen how to create multiple email accounts in yahoo Mail application. Additionally, you can also start creating more than five accounts on your mobile. Make use of the steps provided on this page for better results.

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