How To Fix Em Client Calendar Not Working Issue?

Em Client Calendar Not Working

eM Client is an email service provider that is designed for the Windows and Mac operating systems. Using this email account, you can send and receive emails through any email client like Outlook. It also allows you to access/manage your contacts, tasks, calendars, and notes easily as per your needs. Usually, while using the eM Client email service, there are many issues encountered by the users. On this page, you’re going to see how to fix the eM Client calendar not working issue.

eM Client’s Calendar helps you manage your work plan easily. However, there are some problems encountered by the users while using the eM Client Calendar.

Issue 1: Em Client Is Not Syncing With Mycalendar

If you find your MyCalendar is not syncing with the eM Client application, then perform the simple and quick troubleshooting instructions given below.

  • Step 1:Initially, check if your account settings are configured correctly in the email client application that you’re using.
  • Step 2:If necessary, re-add your email account.
  • Step 3:Check whether your MyCalendar is synced properly with the eM Client account. If not, re-sync it properly to avoid eM Client calendar not working issue. To do so, follow the below instructions.

Re-Syncing The MyCalendar

  • step 1:On the main screen of the eM Client application, click on the Tools tab.
  • step 2:Select the Accounts option from the Tools menu.
  • step 3:Click on the New Account button, and from the Calendar drop-down menu, select MyCalendar. Configure the calendar settings by following the on-screen instructions.
  • step 4:After re-syncing the calendar, check whether it is working. If not, check whether you have backed up your eM Client account recently. If yes, restore it.

Restoring The eM Client Account

  • step 1:Before restoring the eM Client account, take a backup of the current settings.
  • step 2:To do so, go to the Menu section of eM Client.
  • step 3:Click on the Backup option.
  • step 4:After backing up the account settings, click on the Menu tab and select the File option followed by Restore.

Now, check if the eM Client calendar not working issue if fixed. If not, reinstall the eM Client application on your computer.

Issue 2: Em Client Calendar Is Not Working With Google Calendar

  • step 1:Initially, check if the Google Calendar is synced correctly with the eM Client Calendar. If not, sync it correctly by referring to the instructions given above.
  • step 2:If the sync process doesn’t resolve the issue, then refresh/restart the eM Client application.
  • step 3:Make sure that the account settings are configured correctly.
  • step 4:Check if the Calendar feature is enabled in your eM Client account. To check and turn it on, select the Settings option from the Menu list. If the Calendar option is not selected, select it.

To know more about fixing the eM Client Calendar not working issue, contact us by clicking the Call button provided on this page.

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