How To Exchange Email Server?

How To Exchange Email Server?

Since technology is evolving day by day, we should get along with every new update. The Exchange Email Server is an innovative solution to access our emails across various devices. Read this article to learn what an Exchange Mail Server is and how it works.

Exchanging Mail Server

Earlier, we could access our emails only on computers. But, now, we can access them on our smartphones as well. The technology behind this synchronization is the Exchange Mail Server.

Exchange Server is a mail and calendar server that runs only on Windows Operating Systems. It is a messaging platform that enables you to send emails and voicemail transcriptions, customize your calendars, and perform various other tasks. Therefore, it is also called as a server-side application.

Apart from an Exchange Mail Server, there are various email protocols, such as POP3, IMAP, MAPI, and Exchange ActiveSync.

Benefits Of Exchange Server

  • step 1:Whether it’s official documents, the confidentiality of your email, mobility, security, or portability, Exchange Server plays an important role.
  • step 2:It gives you an option to share multiple calendars and schedule meetings between on-premises and online users.
  • step 3:It enables you to manage Outlook apps and site mailboxes from the Exchange Administration Center. Therefore, you can minimize the time you spend on your system.

How Does Email Work?

Before knowing how Exchange Email Server works, let’s understand how an email works. When you sign in to your account, it will automatically be connected to the server.

Once you create and send an email to an email client that uses a Microsoft Exchange Server, it reaches the server and will be stored in its database. Then, it will be automatically routed to the recipient to whom you have sent the email.

How Does The Exchange Server Work?

Exchange Server works with 4 main components. That includes:

  • Step 1:Information store (to store and organize your emails)
  • Step 2:System attendant (to create and manage email addresses)
  • Step 3:Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP (in order to transmit messages from one server to another)
  • Step 4:Active Directory (to manage user accounts with necessary updates)

All the above-mentioned individual components work together to deliver flawless service to the user. These components enable us to create a new email account, send an email, and manage our data like calendars and emails.

This is what you have to know about the Exchange Email Server. If you have any doubts, reach our technical experts.

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