How To Fix Facebook Email Account Disabled Issue

Facebook account email disabled

While you try to access your Facebook account using your email address, if you get to see a disabled message on the screen instead of your Home page, then your Facebook Email Account Disabled. If you don’t see the disabled message, but still if you are not able to log in, then the credentials you have entered might be incorrect.

Usually, Facebook would disable an account if there is any violation of Facebook Terms. The major violations are listed below.

  • Step 1:Inappropriate content being posted
  • Step 2:Using fake names
  • Step 3:Violation of Community Standards

Retrieve disabled account:

The only solution to retrieve your account if your Facebook account’s email is disabled is to appeal to Facebook. This method will work only if your Facebook account email is disabled mistakenly.

  • Step 1:Open your web browser.
  • Step 2:Type in the address bar of the browser to go to the Facebook Help Centre.
  • Step 3:By filling the details requested on the page, you will be appealing to Facebook to review your account and enable it.
  • Step 4:Make sure you enter the email address that has been disabled.
  • Step 5:Also, enter your profile name and then click the Send button.
  • Step 6:However, if your Facebook Email Account Disabled for a serious violation, then it won’t be retrieved.

Recovering disabled Facebook account:

This method should be used if you had deactivated your Facebook account and now want to access it again. However, if you have sent a delete request, then you can recover your account within 14 days.

  • Step 1:Open your web browser and go to the Facebook login page.
  • Step 2:Enter your Facebook email address, password, the click then Log In button.
  • Step 3:If a prompt appears to confirm the cancellation of the deletion of your Facebook account, click the Cancel Deletion button.
  • Step 4:That’s it! Your Facebook Email Account Disabled that has been recovered.

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