Fix Gmail Authentication Issues

Gmail is widely used across the world for its authenticity and security. However, authentication errors are quite common with Gmail. Every issue occurs for a reason, so whenever you face the Gmail authentication problems, you should think about all the possible causes. In this guide, we have listed the solutions to fix the Gmail authentication issue. Read this page and rectify your problem.

Force Stop Gmail

  • step 1:If you encounter a Gmail authentication error on your Android phone, the issue might be with the app itself. To fix this issue, you can try out the following techniques.
  • step 2:Uninstall the Gmail app from your smartphone. Go to the Play Store application and reinstall the same app. Then, check whether the issueproblem is Mail is having authentication problems and it is resolved.
  • step 3:If the cache data piles up, the respective application may not behave properly. To fix this issue, you should clear the data and cache. To clear the data and cache for the Gmail app, go to the Settings section and tap Application. Look for the Gmail app and tap on it.
  • step 4:On the App info screen, tap on the Force stop option. Then, tap on Clear data followed by Clear cache.
  • step 5:Once you have cleared Gmail's cache and data, see if the Gmail authentication problem is fixed.

Synchronize Your Gmail Account

  • Step 1:If you do not synchronize your Gmail account with your device, you may end up with Gmail authentication issue.
  • Step 2:To fix this issue, go to the Settings page on your Android phone and tap Accounts followed by Google.
  • Step 3:Select your Gmail account and tap Remove account on the Sync screen.
  • Step 4:On the confirmation screen, tap Sync now.
  • Step 5:If the issue is not yet resolved, remove and re-add your Gmail account and check if the authentication error is fixed.

In case the Gmail authentication problems is still not resolved, reach our technical supportexperts for assistance.

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