Gmail Issues On Iphone Today - Fixed

Gmail Issues On Iphone

Is there going on gmail issues on iphone today? Don’t worry; when you adopt the right strategies, you can get rid of your trouble in no time. On this web page, we have discussed a few troubleshooting solutions to handle your Gmail issues on your iPhone. Implement each solution one by one and see if it works for you.

Restart Your Iphone

  • step 1:To begin with, restart your iPhone. Sometimes, a minor glitch can lead to major issues. Restarting your device can help you fix the trouble efficiently.
  • step 2:If you are using iPhone X or later, press and hold the Sleep and Volume buttons to shut it down.
  • step 3:Once your iPhone shuts down completely, press and hold the Sleep and Volume buttons to turn it on.
  • step 4:Once your device restarts, check if your problem is solved.

Check Device Activity

  • step 1:If you still cannot sign in to your Gmail account on your iPhone, try to open Gmail from any other device; see if you have received an email from Gmail asking you to verify your recent sign-in. If so, verify it and check if your gmail issues on iphone today problem is resolved.
  • step 2:In case you don’t find any login alerts in your inbox, open up a browser and log in to your Google account. Then, click the Security tab and click on your login activity on your iPhone.
  • step 3:On the following screen, click the Yes, it was me button. Once you do this, try to use Gmail on your iPhone. Hopefully, this works for you.

Check If Imap Is Enabled

Gmail uses IMAP to integrate your account information between devices. When this option is disabled, Gmail will not work on your iPhone. Follow these instructions to enable IMAP.

  • step 1:Open the default browser and log in to your Gmail account.
  • step 2:Click the Gear icon at the top-right corner and click See all settings.
  • step 3:Go to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and scroll down to the IMAP Access section.
  • step 4:Select the Enable IMAP option and click the Save Changes button for fixing gmail issues on iphone issue.
  • step 5:Now, see if your problem is solved.

Remove And Re-add Your Gmail Account

  • step 1:Removing and re-adding your Gmail account will refresh your account’s connection to the server and fix the issue simultaneously.
  • step 2:On your iPhone, open Settings and tap Mail.
  • step 3:Go to the Accounts section and tap on Gmail. Then, tap Delete Account.
  • step 4:On the following screen, tap Delete from My iPhone.
  • step 5:Again, add your Gmail account and see if it works now.

Update The Mail App

  • Step 1:As a final resort, check if there are any pending updates for the Mail app. If so, install them immediately.
  • Step 2:Apart from new features, these updates can fix the bugs and improve the functionality of the app considerably.
  • Step 3:Check if your iPhone needs an update. If so, install them right away. Moreover, it is always the best practice to keep the devices updated.

We hope these troubleshooting solutions have helped you fix the gmail issues on iphone today problem. Still cannot fix your problem? Don’t worry; get back to us for real-time assistance using the call option.

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