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gmail not working on google chrome

Is your Gmail Is Not Working In Chrome? If you’re facing a problem while using Gmail in Google Chrome, then this article is for you.

Gmail is a free email service preferred by people across the world. However, many users have been reporting that Gmail isn’t working or loading correctly in Google Chrome. That’s why we are here to help users fix the Gmail issue.

Before we start troubleshooting this issue, try the basic checks that may work for you.

  • step 1:Check your internet connection first. If the problem is caused due to network issue, disconnecting and reconnecting to the network may fix the network issue. Or, it would help if you waited until your network is restored. Also, you can try to connect to a different, working network connection.
  • step 2:Open your Gmail account in another browser. If it works normally in other browsers, you can conclude that the issue is only with the Chrome browser. In this case, you need to try our solutions given below. If gmail not working on google chrome, then the Gmail server may be down (this is a rare occurrence). You need to wait until Gmail is back.
  • step 3:Make sure your Google Chrome browser is updated to the latest version. If you are using an older (outdated) version, the browser may misbehave. Look for any update in the Settings section and update it right away. Once updated, restart your browser and check if you can access your Gmail account.
  • step 4:The most simple fix is restarting your Google Chrome and your device. If the browser isn’t launched correctly, then it may not work as expected. Restart the browser and device and give it a try.

If the above solutions don’t work, then you need to continue reading this article.

Try Using Incognito Mode

Users have tried using incognito mode and reported that it worked for them. You can use the incognito mode to access your Gmail account for fixing gmail not opening in chrome issue.

  • step 1:Launch the Google Chrome browser.
  • step 2:Click on the More options icon (Customise and control Google Chrome).
  • step 3:Select New incognito windows from the drop-down menu.
  • step 4:Go to the Gmail sign-in page.
  • step 5:Enter your correct Gmail credentials and try to log in.

Clear Browser Cookies And Cache

Even if your browser is overloaded with cookies and cache, it may respond slowly or misbehave. In this case, clear the cookies and cache by following the below instructions.

  • step 1:Click on the More option at the top-right corner of your Chrome browser.
  • step 2:Select More tools --> Clear browsing data.
  • step 3:When the pop-up window appears, tick the Cookies and other site data and the Cached images and files options.
  • step 4:Select Time range as All time.
  • Clear Browser Cookies And Cache
  • step 5:Next, select the Clear data option.
  • step 6:Once the caches are deleted, open your Gmail account again and see if it is working normally. If the problem continues, go to the next solution.

Disable The Installed Extensions

In some cases, the installed extensions were reported to be causing the gmail not working on google chrome problem. The extensions on your browser can also lead to other issues. From this section, you will know how to disable the extensions in Google Chrome.

  • step 1:Go to the Settings page on your Google Chrome.
  • step 2:Under the Advanced section, choose Extensions.
  • step 3:You can see the list of extensions installed on your browser.
  • step 4:Disable each extension using the toggle button.
  • step 5:Restart your Chrome browser and try to log in to your account.
  • step 6:If the problem is resolved, enable the extension one by one to find the problematic extension. After picking the odd one out, disable it forever.
  • step 7:If the problem isn’t due to extensions, then you need to jump to the next solution.

Reset Google Chrome

Reset your Chrome browser to fix the Gmail not working issue.

  • Step 1:Click on the More options icon to launch the Settings menu.
  • Step 2:Select Advanced and then choose Reset and clean up.
  • Step 3:Click Restore settings to their original defaults.
  • Step 4:Next, click on the Reset settings button.
  • Reset Google Chrome
  • Step 5:After resetting, close the browser and relaunch it.
  • Step 6:Log in to your Gmail account to see if it is loading.

The above fixes should help you resolve the issue. If still your gmail is not working in chrome, let us know immediately by clicking the call button below.

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