hostinger mail forwarding

Manual And Automatic Email Forwarding

    Most email services allow you to forward messages in a variety of ways, and hostinger mail is no different. You can manually forward messages within hostinger in your browser as well as set up automatic forwarding if you want to receive your hostinger at another account.

  • Step 1:Email forwarding is of two types-manual email forwarding and automatic email forwarding. 
  • Step 2:With the Manual forwarding option, you need to forward the emails individually, whereas, in automatic forwarding, all the incoming emails will be forwarded to another email address based on the chosen criteria.

Uses Of Email Forwarding

  • Step 1:As previously mentioned, email forwarding ensures a steady flow of information. Moreover, it can make the communication process more organized. 
  • Step 2:Email forwarding can be used to inform someone who wasn’t there in the original email chain. Instead of composing a new email, you can simply send the existing one to the particular recipient.
  • Step 3:If someone sent you an email with an attachment and you want to send the same attachment to another recipient, you don’t need to download it on your computer and re-upload it in a new email. Instead, you can forward the whole message, and this will skip the complete hassle. 
  • Step 4:While forwarding an email, you can add a message above the message thread. So, the recipients can understand that email better, and the risk of misunderstanding can be eliminated.

Forward Emails Via Hostinger’s hPanel

  • Step 1:If you are a Hostinger email account user, you can use its built-in email forward feature in hPanel to forward the emails automatically. To do so, follow the instructions mentioned below.
  • Step 2:Open your Hostinger mail account and navigate to the hPanel dashboard.
  • Step 3:Click Emails followed by Email Accounts. Then, click on your domain name, and your system will open your email account’s dashboard.
  • Step 4:When it opens, click on the Forwarders menu and choose the Create a Forwarder option.
  • Step 5:Now, a window will pop up and let you choose a mailbox to redirect emails to a forwarding address. Enter all the required credentials and click the Create button. Then, the active email forwarders will come under the Manage Your Forwarders section.

That’s what you need to know about how to forward hostinger email. If you need more assistance, you can reach out to us to communicate with our page mailsetup.

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