How To Fix Hostinger Mail Not Working Issue

How To Fix Hostinger Mail Not Working Issue

There might be several reasons that your mail does not work properly. One of the major reasons is your email service might getting disabled. An unregistered domain also end ups in Hostinger mail not working issue. No worries. There are some simple guidelines provided in this post to resolve the problem.

Resolving Hostinger Mail Not Working Issue

Initially, check whether your Hostinger email is active or not. If it is not active, your mail is under problem. So, make sure that you activate the Hostinger email according to the given instructions. Remember this when you are activating the domain; it takes up to 24 hours to start the work, such as sending an email or checking every email message sent by your senders. Additionally, get to know that your email message takes up to 15 minutes to deliver after the activation.

Now, you need to check your email service. Sometimes, your Hostinger email does not work properly when it is disabled. So, enable your email service to fix the Hostinger email not working issue. Don’t know how to enable your domain? Have a look at this section to enable email service manually.

  • Step 1: Launch the Email application and log in to the registered account.
  • Step 2: Now, navigate to the Settings menu by clicking the three-dot lines near the email account question.

You’ll find these options:

  • step 1: Disable email account
  • step 2: Suspend access
  • step 3: Suspend receiving
  • step 4: Suspend sending

Choose one of the above options that actually enables your email service.

Sometimes, your email account might be suspended. It means that you cannot send or receive an email message. It ends up in the mail not receiving issue. It is simple to resolve.

  • step 1:Launch the application.
  • step 2:Navigate to the Settings menu. You’ll come across the disabled option. Click to enable your preferred option so that your domain works properly. Ensure that you save all the changes that you’ve made.

By not mentioning the receiver’s address properly in the required field, your Hostinger mail does not work. So, make sure that you type the receivers’ address correctly while performing the action.

  • step 1: Additionally, check your DNS record, which might fix the problem with your Hostinger email.
  • step 2: Initially, launch the Email application.
  • step 3: Log in to your account.
  • step 4: Navigate to the DNS section in your admin page and locate the MX Records/Email Servers/Email Settings option. You need to begin DNS Propagation.
  • step 5: Its’ time to set the name, value, points, and also priority. Later, you need to set the TTL value. Set the settings according to your preference. Before you go to the next step, cross-check it. After you’ve made the changes, add the SPF record to your domain.

Now, you’ve done the changes, and the DNS Propagation starts. It takes hours to complete. Wait until it finishes. That’s it. It should fix the problem.

Not happy with the solution? No worries. There’s another quick fix that will help you resolve the Hostinger email not working issue.

Hostinger Mail Not working – Quick Fix

Having incorrect parameters for your email account will put you at risk. So, change the parameters which are used for setting up your email client. This could fix the problem very quickly.

Here are your email details:


  • step 1:Port number – 993
  • step 2:Encryption – SSL
  • step 3:Host –


  • step 1:Port number – 995
  • step 2:Encryption – SSL
  • step 3:Host –


  • step 1:Host –
  • step 2:Port number – 465
  • step 3:Encryption – SSL/TLS

Check with the settings mentioned above. Change it immediately if it is incorrect. It fixes the problem for sure. That’s it. You’ve now seen how to fix the Hostinger email not working issue. In case the problem is not fixed, feel free to contact our technical experts for further assistance.

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