How to Add a Signature to Yahoo Mail on iPhone?

Add a Signature to Yahoo Mail on iPhone

It is possible to add a signature word or a phrase to the bottom of your Yahoo emails. You can design signatures on the desktop version of Yahoo. You can also do it on your Yahoo Mail mobile app on your iPhone.

To add a signature to Yahoo Mail on iPhone, make use of the instructions given below:

  • Step 1: On your iPhone, tap the Yahoo Mail app icon. You can find this icon in the form of a purple box with an embedded white envelope.
  • Step 2: By tapping the Yahoo Mail app icon, you will enter the Yahoo inbox (in case you are already logged into your Yahoo account).
  • Step 3: In case you have not already logged into Yahoo Mail, then type in your email address, followed by your password.
  • Step 4: In the top-left corner of your iPhone screen, you will see the hamburger menuicon with three horizontal lines. Tap this icon to open the menu.
  • Step 5: Somewhere in the middle of that menu, you can see the Settings Tap this option.
  • Step 6: Now, scroll down your screen and tap the Signature You will be able to see the Signature option in the GENERAL section.
  • Step 7: The Signature menu will now appear on your iPhone screen.
  • Step 9: In the top-right corner of your screen, tap the white Signature It will turn into blue, which indicates that the Signature feature has been enabled for this particular email account.
  • Step 10: Below the blue Signature switch, there will be a text box. By default, you will find a signature with the words “Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone”  in the text box. You can delete these words and type your new signature.
  • Step 11: In the bottom-right section of your Signature box, tap the Done Your new signature will now be applied to all the emails that are sent from your iPhone in the future.

We have now seen how to add a signature to Yahoo Mail on iPhone.

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