How To Block Phishing Emails

How To Block Phishing Emails

Junk mail or spam includes irrelevant messages sent by spammers across the world. It is usually sent for commercial purposes. If you want to get rid of junk mails, you have two options to choose from. Using these options, you can block junk mails in Hotmail. You can either mark the received mail as Junk or change the Block settings. 

how to block phishing emails

1. Beware! A phishing email might look like an original.

Most of the phishing emails look like original emails, and you might find only minor spelling mistakes. So once you get an email, go through it thoroughly so that you can find any slight changes in mail logs, etc.

2. Avoid clicking on an unwanted link

If you get any link inside the email asking you to “click here,” don't immediately click it. It might be some malicious spyware that comes and sits on your system and could easily harm it.

3. Avoid updating your information on an unsecured site

As a general rule, don't share your personal information over the Internet. If you have any queries, go visit the main website of the company, find its customer care number, and give a call. Because phishing emails will direct you to pages where entries for financial or personal information are required. Avoid giving confidential entries through the links provided in such emails. Check the website address; it always starts with "https." Those are secured websites.

4. Keep changing your password regularly

Don't keep the same password all the time; keep on changing your password for better protection.

5. Don't ignore updates

If you start to ignore messages about updating your browser, then you might get into an issue. So whenever an update is available, try to download and install it as soon as possible.

6. Install firewalls

Firewalls safeguard you from unwanted phishing emails that contain illegitimate links. There are two different kinds of firewalls - a desktop firewall and a network firewall; both are important. Both work together to help you reduce the malicious acts of hackers and phishers who will try to infiltrate your computer or your network.

7. Don't be tempted by those pop-ups

All pop-up windows are not legitimate components of a website. Some browsers allow you to block pop-ups; you can allow them on a one-by-one basis. Click the Close (x) button located in the upper corner of the window. Don't click on the "Cancel" button; this button will lead you to phishing sites.

8. Have a Data Security Platform to spot signs of an attack

Try to install an Anti-Phishing toolbar to avoid such phishing attacks; genuine Internet browsers come with customized anti-phishing toolbars. These toolbars run a quick check on the sites that you are visiting and compare them to lists of known phishing sites. If you have a dilemma about a malicious site, this toolbar will alert you. Thus, such a toolbar helps you be protected against phishing scams, and it is completely free.

You have now seen how to block phishing emails using various methods.

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