How To Block Someone On Icloud Mail?

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If you keep on receiving emails from a specific sender you never want to see, you may wish to block him completely. But, you don't have an option in iCloud to block someone. However, there is an option to create a rule through which you can send all the blocked emails directly to the Trash folder so that you don’t need to see or open these emails. This article explains the complete procedure for creating rules to block a sender. Read this page and start to Know how to block someone on icloud mail.

Steps to block someone on iCloud mail

  • Step 1:Sign in to your iCloud email with the respective credentials.
  • Step 2:Now, select an email from the sender you wish to block (you don’t need to open it). In case you want to view the mailboxes, click the right-arrow in the upper-left corner.
  • Step 3:Click the gear icon at the bottom-left corner and select the Rules option. 
  • Step 4:When a pop-up box appears, click the Add a Rule option at the top-right corner.
  • Step 5:Under the If a message section, select “is from” from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 6:At the beginning of this procedure, you have selected an email from the sender you wanted to block. That sender will be automatically added to this block list. You can also start entering the email address you wish to block. 
  • Step 7:Once done, select the Move to Trash option under the Then section.
  • Step 8:On the next screen, click Done.
  • Step 9:From now on, the emails from the specific sender will directly go to the Trash folder. In the same manner, you can start creating the rules to do much more in iCloud.

Now you must have known How to block someone on iCloud mail. If you still have queries, reach out to us for expert support.

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