How To Change Password In Roundcube Webmail?

How To Change Password In Roundcube Webmail

At times, you might face a situation where you will have to change (or reset) your password in RoundCube Webmail. You can do that easily by carrying out a few simple instructions given here:

  • Step 1:To change your RoundCube Webmail password, you should first know the existing password. This is because you have to log in to RoundCube using the existing password, and only then can you change it.
  • Step 2:In case you do not know the existing password, you can contact your email administrator.
  • Step 3:Assuming you know the existing password, please log in to RoundCube Webmail using the same.
  • Step 4:After you have logged in, please go to the Settings section.
  • Step 5:Under Settings, click the Password option, which you can see towards the bottom.
  • Step 6:The Change password screen will now be displayed. On this screen, you have to enter the existing password in the textbox provided for the Current Password field.
  • Step 7:Now, you can enter your new (changed) password in the textbox next to the New Password field.
  • Step 8:Please enter the new password again in the textbox next to the Confirm New Password field.
  • Step 9:Next, click on the Save button.
  • Step 10:You might see an error message stating the following:

Password must include at least one number and one punctuation character.

  • Step 1:Therefore, if you haven’t entered a password that has a punctuation character, you will have to enter another password that contains punctuation.
  • Step 2:Also, ensure that the password has a minimum of 6 characters and contains at least 1 number. These conditions will make your password stronger and difficult to be identified by hackers or any malicious software.
  • Step 3:Finally, click on the Save button.
  • Step 4:You have now successfully changed your RoundCube password.

We have now seen the procedure to change your password in RoundCube Webmail

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How To Change Password In Roundcube Webmail?

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How To Change Password In Roundcube Webmail?

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