How To Create Folders In Yahoo Mail

How To Create Folders In Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is definitely one of the best email service providers. With a user-friendly interface and features, Yahoo Mail makes things easy for people to access and use.In this article, we’re going to discuss one of the Yahoo Mail features – Create a new folder.Yahoo Mail lets you add folders to organize and manage your emails. Though there are many messaging applications, people still use email services for official conversations. Users may receive different categories of emails, for example, personal emails, official emails, bank transaction details, advertising emails, etc. So, when a user looks into their Yahoo Mail inbox for an important email received a few days or months ago, then the user may find it challenging to identify the email.That's where creating a folder feature becomes handy. You can create a new folder for specific senders or to store messages about a similar category.


  • Step 1:Log in to your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Step 2:Open the Inbox folder.
  • Step 3:In the left pane, under Folders, click on the New Folder option.
  • Step 4:Give the folder a name that helps you identify it easily.
  • Step 5:Press the Enter key.


Yahoo Mail lets you create a new folder, subfolder, rename a folder, and delete it. All these things can be done in a few taps. After this, you are set to identify your emails easily.

Create A New Folder

  • step 1:After logging into Yahoo Mail, tap Inbox.
  • step 2:Scroll down to reach the bottom of the menu and select Create new folder.
  • step 3:Type a folder name.
  • step 4:Tap Save.

Delete Existing Folders

Before trying to delete a folder, make sure the folder is empty. You can either delete the emails present in the folder or move them to a different folder.

  • step 1:Touch the Inbox icon.
  • step 2:Find the folder you wish to delete.
  • step 3:Tap and hold the folder until you see the option to delete.
  • step 4:Now, tap Delete and then OK.

Rename An Existing Folder

In case you wish to change the name of a folder that you have created already, follow the below steps.

  • step 1:Select the Inbox icon.
  • step 2:Lock for the folder you like to rename.
  • step 3:Touch and hold the folder name.
  • step 4:Select Rename.
  • step 5:Type a new name in the blank field.

Create A New Subfolder

  • step 1:Log in to Yahoo Mail.
  • step 2:Navigate to Inbox.
  • step 3:Touch and hold the folder to which you wish to add a new subfolder.
  • step 4:Touch Create subfolder.
  • step 5:Enter the subfolder name as you like.
  • step 6:Tap Save.

We hope this article is really helpful for you. If you still got doubts about how to create folders in Yahoo Mail, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. That way, we can guide you better.

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