How To Fix Not Receiving Yahoo Verification Code Issue?

Fix Not Receiving Yahoo Verification Code

Yahoo sends verification codes to protect your account in the best way possible. Usually, you will receive the code in your mobile number, email address, or the Messenger app. You need to enter it on Yahoo’s sign-in page to access your account. If you don’t receive the code, you Not Receiving Yahoo Verification Code. But, don’t worry; we have given you the best solutions to fix this issue. Try out all the techniques listed in this article and resolve your problem without much effort.

Verification code issues in Yahoo and the appropriate solutions

  • Step 1:On the Yahoo sign-in page, click the Resend button within 5 minutes.
  • Step 2:If you still don’t receive the code, check whether you have given your landline number. If so, Yahoo cannot send the verification code to your landline number. So, update the number and then check whether your issue is resolved.
  • Step 3:Yahoo cannot send the verification code if you have reached your plan’s data limit. So, check your plan and upgrade it if necessary.
  • Step 4:Check whether your mobile number and email address are correct. If you find any mistake in any of these, set it right in the first place.
  • Step 5:Check whether your alternate email address is deleted from your account. If that’s the issue, add it once again.
  • Step 6:In some cases, the verification code will reach your Spam folder. So check it and then re-enter the code on the sign-in page.
  • Step 7:If your Internet Service Provider has blocked Yahoo, make the necessary changes to unblock it.
  • Step 8:If you have given your business email address, the firewall might have blocked your message. In those instances, you need to replace your business email with your personal email.
  • Step 9:If the verification code is not working, check whether it has expired. In those instances, you need to request a new verification code.

If you still Not Receiving Yahoo Verification Code on your mobile/email/messenger, contact us for expert assistance.

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