How to Forward AOL Mail to Gmail?

Forward AOL Mail To Gmail

AOL Mail is a web-based email service that is free to use; there is no need for special software or application to access the AOL mail account; instead, you can open it via the internet from the web browser. When you have multiple email accounts and you are fed up with handling each of them separately, forwarding is an easy option to access the AOL mails from your Gmail account. Migrating the emails from AOL Mail to the Gmail makes a copy of the AOL emails on the Gmail account. Read the following steps to forward AOL mail to Gmail.

  • Step 1:Sign in to the Gmail account using the email address and password.
  • Step 2:Once the main page opens, click the gear icon at the upper-right side of the window.
  • Step 3:Select the Accounts and Import menu and then choose Check Email from Other Accounts.
  • Step 4:After that, click Add an Email Account, enter the AOL mail address, and select Continue.
  • Step 5:See if the AOL server details are correct and then enter the AOL account password.
  • Step 6:If you want to have a copy of emails on the server, then click the Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server option.
  • Step 7:To easily identify the forwarding emails from the other incoming emails, select the Label Incoming Messages menu.
  • Step 8:Click the Add Account menu to add the AOL Mail account.
  • Step 9:Return to the Accounts and Import menu and then choose the Import Mail and Contacts option.
  • Step 10:Enter the AOL Mail address and password again to import the AOL Mail contacts on the Gmail account.
  • Step 11:Click Continue and mark the checkbox next to the Import Contacts and the Import Email options.
  • Step 12:Following that, select Start Import and click OK.
  • Step 13:Wait until the process is complete.
  • Step 14:Finally, the forward AOL mail to Gmail process completed successfully. You can find a copy of the AOL emails and contacts on the Gmail account.

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