How to Recover Deleted Emails from AOL Mail?

Recover Deleted Emails from AOL Mail

The emails deleted from your AOL Mail account will be stored in the Trash folder for up to seven days. You can refer to the steps given below to recover deleted emails from AOL Mail account’s trash folder.

  • Step 1:Your Windows computer must have access to a fast and stable internet connection.
  • Step 2:On the main screen of the Windows computer, double-click the Google Chrome web browser to open it.
  • Step 3:Alternatively, right-click the Google Chrome web browser and select the Open option.
  • Step 4:Once you have launched the Google Chrome web browser on the Windows computer, visit the AOL Mail login page.
  • Step 5:Provide your AOL Mail account’s email address in the Username or Email field.
  • Step 6:Fill the Password field with the correct AOL Mail account’s password.
  • Step 7:You can select or deselect the checkbox next to the Remember Me option.
  • Step 8:Once you log in, click the Trash folder on the left panel, select the email that you want to restore, and choose the Inbox option from the Action drop-down menu.
  • Step 9:Once the email is restored, you will see the ‘1 message is moved to Inbox’ message on the screen.
  • Step 10:If the email is deleted from the Trash folder, you can use a third-party data recovery tool to recover deleted emails from AOL Mail account.

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