How to Recover Hacked Instagram Account Without Email?

how to recover hacked Instagram account without email

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms used by most adults today. If you find that your Instagram account has been hacked and wish to know how to recover hacked Instagram account without email, follow the quick steps given below.

Report the hack through Facebook Ads Chat:

  • Step 1:This is the quickest way to recover your hacked Instagram account without email. However, this option is only applicable to the business account users on Instagram. If you don’t have a business account, skip to the next solution.
  • Step 2:Before you access the Facebook Ads Manager page, you will need to spend $1 on Facebook Ads.
  • Step 3:Navigate to the Facebook business page and click the Help drop-down arrow available at the top-right.
  • Step 4:From the drop-down list, select the Advertiser Support option. Doing so will direct you to the Facebook Business Resources page.
  • Step 5:Scroll down the page and click the Get Started button next to Still Need Help? Find answers or contact support.
  • Step 6:Next, click the Policy & Account Security tile.
  • Step 7:On the next screen, click the My ad account was disabled button.
  • Step 8:Under the Still need help? Contact Support section, click on the Chat with a representative link.
  • Step 9:Under the Chat with our Support Team section, fill out the requested information and click the Start Chat button.
  • Step 10:Wait until you are connected to the chat representative.
  • Step 11:Once you are connected, report about your account being hacked.
  • Step 12:It is suggested to collect evidence or backups like screenshots of your hacked account before contacting the Facebook Ad representative.
  • Step 13:Answer the questions asked by the representative so they can submit all the information required to recover your hacked Instagram account after investigation.
  • Step 14:To prevent your account from being hacked in the future, set up Two-Factor Authentication.
  • Step 15:If you have difficulties to know how to recover hacked Instagram account without email, contact our technical support team for remote assistance.

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