How To Retrieve Deleted Mail On An Iphone?

How To Retrieve Deleted Emails On Iphone? This article will teach you how to delete an email, retrieve it, and how to archive mail instead of deleting it.

Most iPhone users may know how to delete an email, but we will still see how to delete an email at first and then move on to retrieve it.


You can delete an email in multiple ways. Follow the below instructions.

  • Step 1:If you wish to delete an email that you are viewing currently, tap the Delete icon at the bottom of the email.
  • Step 2:If you want to delete the email from the email list, swipe the email to the left and then select Trash from the menu. You can swipe the mail all the way to the left to delete it directly.
  • Step 3:When you want to delete multiple emails at once from the email list, tap the Edit option, choose the emails you wish to delete, and then select Trash. You can swipe down through the checkboxes to select multiple emails quickly.
  • Note: You can turn on or off confirmation of the deletion. Go to Settings, select Mail, and then turn on or off the Ask Before Deleting option.

  • Step 4:If you like to undo the deletion, swipe left with three fingers immediately. Continue to read the following steps for know how to retrieve deleted emails on iphone.


  • step 1:Suppose you are still logged in to your account, go to your account’s Trash mailbox.
  • Retrieve Deleted Mail On An Iphone
  • step 2:Open the email you wish to retrieve, tap the Undo icon, and then move the mail to another folder.
  • step 3:If you want to revert the recovery process, swipe left with three fingers immediately.

Note: You can see the deleted emails on all your accounts by tapping Mailboxes --> Edit --> All Trash mailbox.


You can archive mails instead of deleting them.

  • step 1:Navigate to Settings --> Passwords & Accounts.
  • Archive Emails On iPhone
  • step 2:Select your email account and then tap Mail --> Advanced.
  • step 3:Under Advanced settings, you can change the mailbox for disposed emails to Archive Mailbox.

When you have opted to archive emails, delete a mail instead of moving to the archive mailbox, tap and hold the Delete icon, and select Trash Message.


You can fix a time frame for the deleted email to stay in the Trash mailbox.

  • step 1:Navigate to Settings.
  • step 2:Select Passwords & Accounts.
  • Change Deleted Emails Duration
  • step 3:Select your email account.
  • step 4:Tap Mail --> Advanced.
  • step 5:Under Advanced settings, choose Remove and then select a time interval.

Remember, some email services don’t accept your changes. Example: iCloud removes emails after 30 days even if you have selected Never.

We have covered your query “how to retrieve deleted emails on iphone.” To help you better, we also provided instructions to delete, archive, and select a time interval to keep your mails in the Trash mailbox. For further queries, you can always contact us.

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