Schedule Emails In Outlook

How to Schedule Emails in Outlook? If this is your question, then this article is the answer for you.Have to send an important email to a client at a particular time exactly when a meeting with another client is scheduled? Or, have an important or personal message to be sent, but you are afraid of forgetting to send it between your busy schedule? No worries! Microsoft Outlook comes to the rescue.Yes! You can use the delay or schedule message option to send an email to a recipient at a specific time you choose. This feature benefits someone who is really busy or has a habit of postponing things and forgetting them later. Let us see how to schedule your emails in Outlook without wasting any more time.


You can follow these steps to schedule an email in your Outlook for Microsoft 365, Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, and 2010.

  • Step 1:Launch Microsoft Outlook.
  • Step 2:Compose a new message, reply to any received message, or forward a message. It depends on your choice or needs.
  • Step 3:Click the Options tab.
  • Step 4:Under the More Options group, choose Delay Delivery.
  • Step 5:The Properties dialog box appears. Tick the Do not deliver before checkbox.
  • Step 6:Select the date and time when you wish to send your email.
  • Step 7:Click Close.
  • Step 8:On the message screen, click Send.
  • Step 9:This message will be moved to Outbox and wait until the specified time arrives. The message will be sent exactly at that particular time.

Were you looking for How To Set A Time To Send Email In Outlook? It is possible by making a very few changes to your settings. Follow these instructions to delay all messages. And fix your imap settings too.


  • step 1:Click File.
  • step 2:Select Manage Rules & Alerts --> New Rule.
  • step 3:The Step 1: Select a template box appears.
  • step 4:Beneath the Start from a Blank Rule section, select Apply rule on messages I send.
  • step 5:Click Next.
  • step 6:Read and choose any options you want from the Step 1: Select condition(s) list.
  • step 7:Choose Next.
  • step 8:If you don’t choose any options, you will see a confirmation dialog box. Click Yes. (The rule you create will be applied to all messages you send).
  • step 9:Pick the Defer delivery by a number of minutes checkbox in the Step 1: Select action(s) list.
  • step 10:Next comes the Step 2: Edit the rule description (click an underlined value) box, select the “a number of” underlined phrase, and enter the number of minutes (Maximum of up to 120 minutes) you wish to delay the messages.
  • step 11:Click OK.
  • step 12:Choose Next.
  • step 13:Select the checkboxes if you want any exceptions.
  • step 14:Click next.
  • step 15:Create a name for the rule in the Step 1: Specify a name for this rule box.
  • step 16:Click the Turn on this rule checkbox to apply.
  • step 17:Click Finish.

From now, once you click the Send button after composing a message, the message lands in the Outbox folder for the exact amount of time that you specified to delay sending.We hope you love this feature and understand how to schedule emails in Outlook. So, next time you can use this feature to send an email at a specific time. Call us immediately if you need clarification or answers while scheduling an email. Also, if you wish to cancel a message, which is scheduled to be sent later, you can contact us.

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