How To Select Multiple Emails In Gmail Account On Iphone?

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You can set up and access almost all the email accounts, including Gmail, from the Mail application of iPhone. Opening, archiving, or deleting an email message in this application is a straightforward process to perform. However, users face difficulties while deleting more emails because there is no easy or quick way to select multiple emails in the iPhone’s Mail application.  Continue reading this page to know how to select multiple emails in Gmail on iPhone.

Since there is no quick way to select multiple emails in Gmail on your iPhone, you have to try an alternative method. In this method, you will be using the Edit feature of the Mail application to select every email one by one. After selecting all the emails, you can delete them or move them to a new folder. 

Steps For Selecting Multiple Emails

  • Step 1:Initially, make sure that your iPhone (on which you’re using the Gmail account) is connected to a stable Internet connection. 
  • Step 2:Now, locate and tap on the Mail application icon to open it on your iPhone. 
  • Step 3:Make sure that your Gmail account is opened. 
  • Step 4:Now, open the Inbox or Sent folder (which contains the emails that you want to delete or move).
  • Step 5:Tap on the Edit button.
  • Step 6:Now, you can see a circle icon beside the emails.
  • Step 7:Select the emails you want to delete or move by tapping the circle icons beside them.
  • Step 8:Tap the Load More Messages button to load more emails.
  • Step 9:After selecting all the emails, tap the Delete or Move button as per your preferences.
  • Step 10:Now, based on your selection, the corresponding screen will open. 
  • Step 11:Finish the deletion or transfer process by following the prompts displayed on the screen.

Contact our technical experts if you need technical support to know how to select multiple emails in Gmail on iPhone. 

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