How To Set Up Webmail In Outlook?

If you’re planning to set up webmail on outlook, read this page to know the exact procedure for the setup.

Webmail is a service that can be accessed using a web browser. You can use Webmail to send and receive emails. But the important thing you need is a stable internet connection to access your Webmail account.

This setup page will show you how to set up Webmail account on your Outlook.

Setting Up Webmail In Outlook 2022

Setting up and accessing your Webmail account using a web browser is pretty simple and straightforward. However, you may face some problems if your internet connection is not stable.

The good thing is that you can use an email client to avoid these kinds of problems. Compared to Webmail, the email clients like Outlook are designed to work with a slow-speed internet connection.

The remaining part of this page will walk you through the process of know how to setup webmail in outlook.

  • Step 1:Download and install the Microsoft Outlook 2022 email client on your computer if you haven’t done it yet.
  • Step 2:Ensure that your computer is connected to a stable internet connection.
  • Step 3:Now, open the email client.
  • Step 4:The Choose Profile dialog box will appear when you open Outlook for the first time.
  • Step 5:Type your profile name in the given field and click the OK button.
  • Step 6:Now, the Welcome screen appears.
  • Step 7:Click Next.
  • Step 8:Type your email address (Webmail) in the given field.
  • Step 9:Select the Advanced Options option followed by I want to set up my account manually.
  • Step 10:Click on the Connect button on the opened screen.
  • Step 11:Now, the “Choose account type” screen will open.
  • Step 12:Select your account type (IMAP or POP3) from the list.
  • Step 13:Now, a dialog box asking you to enter your account’s server information will open.
  • Step 14:Go to the Incoming Email section.
  • Step 15:Type the incoming server’s details in the fields below the Incoming Email section.
  • Step 16:Similarly, go to the Outgoing Email section and type the SMTP server details in the given fields.
  • Step 17:Ensure that your account’s ports, addresses, and security types are entered correctly in the given fields.
  • Step 18:Click Next.
  • Step 19:Type your account’s password in the given field if prompted.
  • Step 20:Finally, click the Connect button followed by OK.

Congratulations! You have successfully Set up webmail on outlook 2022. Contact us if you need real-time technical assistance in setting up your Webmail account on Outlook.

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