How To Set Up Yahoo Finance Account

Yahoo Finance Account Setting

Yahoo Finance Account was launched by Yahoo! on January 19, 1997 (24 years ago). This is from the Yahoo network and was designed to provide news, data, commentary, press release, and original content related to finance. The highlighting thing is that it helps you to manage your portfolio easily, track international market data, social interaction and more.Setting up and accessing Yahoo Finance is a straightforward process. Once you’ve created the Yahoo Business account, you can access your financial data either from a browser or the Yahoo Finance mobile app.The below section will help you in setting up the Yahoo account for financial purpose.

Accessing Yahoo Finance

As said above in the introduction, you can access Yahoo Finance from a web browser or a mobile app.

For browser

  • Step 1:Visit the Yahoo Finance page from your web browser.
  • Step 2:Tap or click the Menu icon followed by Sign in.
  • Step 3:Enter your account credentials and click Sign In.

For mobile app

  • step 1:Install the Yahoo Finance app on your iOS or Android phone.
  • step 2:Launch the app and tap Sign In.
  • step 3:Set up your Yahoo Finance account by following the instructions displayed on the screen.

Setting Yahoo Finance issue- Yahoo Finance Mobile app not working

Normally, users face many issues while using the Yahoo Finance mobile app and the app not working or opening problem is one of the common issues faced by many. If you’re also facing this same problem, perform the simple troubleshooting instructions given below to fix it.

  • step 1:Relaunch the Yahoo Mobile app: As the first step of setting up the Yahoo account for financial purpose, relaunch the mobile app. To do so, close the app completely, even from the recent app's history. Tap the Yahoo Finance app icon on your smartphone. Check whether the app is opening. If not, try the next solution.
  • step 2:Restart your smartphone: A simple restart can fix the hidden bugs/ issues on your smartphone. Restart your iOS or Android phone. After doing it, try to launch the Yahoo Finance mobile app.
  • step 3:Reinstall the Yahoo Mobile app: If the restart process also doesn’t set up the Yahoo Finance issue, reinstall the Yahoo Mobile app on your smartphone. To do so, uninstall the app completely on your smartphone. After doing it, reinstall it from the Google Play app or the App Store.

Contact our technical experts if you need advanced support in setting up Yahoo Finance account and solving the issues.

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