Sort AOL Mail By Sender

How to Sort AOL Mail By Sender?

It would be really beneficial if you are able to sort your mails using specific criteria. For instance, you will find it convenient to browse through your Sort AOL mail by sender.

AOL added some unique features using which you can sort your mails. In case you use Outlook or Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or other such email systems, you can quickly and easily sort all your mails. AOL added this feature so that its members can use it to organize their mails in a better way. Added to that, this feature will work perfectly well on any computer with any operating system.

  • Step 1: When you get your AOL Mail on a web browser, you just have to click the column headings to sort by Sender or by Subject (alphabetically). You also have the facility to sort your mails chronologically by
  • Step 2: To sort your mails by the Sender’s name, you simply have to go to the top of your mail list and click on the “From” That is all!
  • Step 3:
  • However, when you exit the AOL website, it will get back to the default mode of sorting by

We have now discussed the various options available on AOL Mail to sort out your mails. We have also focused on sorting your mails by the Sender’s name.

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