Unblock Yahoo Account

Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular email platforms known for its user-friendly interface and unique features. Some users might have more than one account in Yahoo. So, there is a high chance of forgetting the user password or entering the wrong password without their knowledge. In such a case, when you keep on entering the incorrect password, it can often block your Yahoo account. There are a few other reasons too. Let’s see why it happens and how to unblock Yahoo accounts.

Know Why Yahoo Mail Blocks Your Account.

  • Step 1:Repeated login failure due to incorrect password.
  • Step 2:On sending a large number of emails exceeding the specified limit.
  • Step 3:If there is any attempt to hack your Yahoo email account.
  • Step 4:If any suspicious activity is found.
  • Step 5:If email recipients mark your email as spam.
  • Step 6:If there is any unauthorized access to third-party applications and software.
  • Step 7:Wrong POP and IMAP settings
  • Step 8:Accessing your Yahoo account from different locations at a time.

How To Unblock Temporarily Blocked Yahoo Account?

Here, we tell you how to unblock Yahoo account without security questions.

  • step 1:Delete all the IMAP and POP settings from the email client software.
  • step 2:Remove all the third-party apps and programs from your PC.
  • step 3:Try logging into your Yahoo account using another web browser.
  • You can also recover your blocked Yahoo account by using your phone number.

  • step 4:Launch a web browser and go to the Yahoo Mail Sign-in page.
  • step 5:Click Trouble signing in.
  • step 6:Type the phone number registered with your Yahoo account.
  • step 7:Input the verification code you received on your phone and click Continue.
  • step 8:Now, you will be directed to the Yahoo password Recovery page to reset the Yahoo login password.

Default Method:

Continue to read the below steps tounblock yahoo account.

  • step 1:Open a web browser.
  • step 2:Go to the Yahoo Forum page.
  • step 3:Click the Account Locked message and select Sign-in Helper.
  • step 4:Type your Mail address or the phone number and click Continue.
  • step 5:Check your recovery email address or the phone for an account key.
  • step 6:Now, follow the on-screen instructions to unblock your Yahoo account.
  • If you are looking for unblocking an email address in Yahoo Mail, follow the steps below.

  • step 7:Log in to your Yahoo Mail account with your credentials and click the Gear icon.
  • step 8:Click More Settings.
  • step 9:Select the Security and Privacy option in the left column
  • step 10:Here, you can see a list of email addresses you have blocked.
  • step 11:Click the Trash icon next to the email address you want to unblock.
  • step 12:Now, the email address will disappear from your list of blocked addresses.

We have shared a simple procedure to know how to unblock Yahoo account and the steps to unblock the user you have blocked.

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