Unsubscribe Mail in Yahoo Mail?

Unsubscribe Mail in Yahoo Mail

Unwanted or spam emails are definitely are annoying if you are a frequent email user. Most of the spam emails will be directly sent to the Spam folder. But, a few might show up in your Inbox folder, making things harder for you.

Yahoo also sends newsletters, special offers, and marketing emails if you have subscribed to any of those sometime earlier. To know how to unsubscribe mail in Yahoo mail account, refer to the quick instructions provided below.

  • Step 1: Access your Yahoo Mail account and open the email message that you need to unsubscribe.
  • Step 2: Scroll down the page and click the Unsubscribe link.
  • Step 3: If a dialog window opens, select the Yes, Unsubscribe option for confirmation.
  • Step 4: The Yahoo email communications might take up to 10 days for unsubscribing the email messages.
  • Step 5: Note: You cannot unsubscribe the following Yahoo email communications.
  • Step 6: Service outage updates
  • Step 7: Notifications on Privacy Policy and Terms of Services changes
  • Step 8: Notifications on discontinued service
  • Step 9: Billing notifications (renewal and cancellation notices) and welcome messages (signing up for a Yahoo product or service)
  • Step 10: To unsubscribe email messages from the Mailing lists, click the Subscriptions option on the left side of your Yahoo Inbox.
  • Step 11: Once you select the Unsubscribe option, the emails that contain the unsubscribe word will be unsubscribed automatically, and you will no longer receive them,
  • Step 12: If you want to spam any email message, open the email and click the Spam option.

Here are a few steps to avoid getting spam emails to your Yahoo Mail account.

  • Step 1:Do not reply to the email message that is from an unknown email address (sender).
  • Step 2:Give your email address only to the trusted one.
  • Step 3:Do not reply to any email subscriptions asking to be removed.
  • Step 4:Avoid signing in to any of the third-party websites that claim to remove the spam emails using your Yahoo Mail account’s email address. While some of them are legitimate, most of them might collect your email address for sending spam email messages later.

Now we have seen how to unsubscribe mail in Yahoo mail.

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