How To Use Spark Mail App

There are various unique and useful features on your Spark Mail app. Some of them are described below. Please make use of these features to get the maximum out of your Spark Mail app.


Add accounts:

  • Step 1: To add accounts on your Spark Mail app, first, navigate to Settings.
  • Step 2:Then, select the Mail Accounts option. Now, click the Add Account option.
  • Step 3:Spark permits you to add a mix of Google, Exchange, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, and other IMAP accounts.
  • Step 4:You can have a combination of all these account types in a single inbox.

1Password integration:

At the top-right corner of your login window, you will see a lock button. You can make use of this button for tapping into the credentials saved in 1Password.

Sync settings and accounts:

You can sync your settings with your accounts through iCloud. To perform the syncing, follow these steps:

  • Step 1:Navigate to Settings.
  • Step 2:Under Settings, select the Sync Settings via Cloud option.

Syncing your settings with your accounts will allow you to set up new devices with Spark. Before you start with the syncing process, you will have to verify (at least) one mail address on your account. This action is for safety purposes. In case your iOS device gets into the wrong hands, verifying the mail address will help in securing your data.

Default email address:

The default email address is the one used when you compose new emails. Please follow these instructions:

  • Step 1:Navigate to Settings.
  • Step 4:Go to Mail Accounts->Default E-mail Address.
  • Step 4:Spark also has the facility of utilizing the email address that has been used most recently.
  • Step 4:However, while you compose a new email, you can change the From address on the fly.

The Smart Inbox:

One of the most unique and specialized features of the Spark Mail App is the Smart Inbox.

  • Step 1:The Smart Inbox lets you divide your Inbox into various sections, thereby aiding in prioritizing importance.
  • Step 2:With Smart Inbox, you will find that only the newly received emails appear at the top of your Inbox.
  • Step 3:Any new email is then categorized into hierarchical portions in the following order:
    • 1:Personal emails
    • 2:Notifications
    • 3:Newsletters

Snooze emails:

Spark permits you to snooze emails. All the snoozed emails will be deleted from your Smart Inbox until a later time.

  • Step 1:Open an email and go to the top-right corner of it.
  • Step 2:Here, you will see the Snooze button.
  • Step 3:Click on this button to get started.
  • Step 4:Spark also allows you to customize your snoozes.

Customize your badges:

You simply have to go to Settings->Badges.

  • Step 1:The Notification badges might irritate or annoy you while you are doing some important task. Spark has a way out of this annoying situation.
  • Step 2:Within Spark’s preferences, you will find options to maintain and manage the way in which the badges get displayed.
  • Step 3:While using Spark, you can perform any one of the following options:
  • Step 4:You can disable all the badges. (Or)
  • Step 5:You can make Spark show only the badges from particular accounts.
  • We have now seen the various unique features on a Spark Mail app. We have also discussed the ways using which you can utilize these features to get the maximum out of the app.

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