How To Write Thank You Email After An Interview?

Write Thank You Email After An Interview

Sending a Thank You email after you attend an interview is going to set you apart from the others who did not bother to send one. Even if the interview did not go well, it could make a difference in their opinion. Writing the Thank You email can be simple and earnest. It can help you land in your favorite job position, so make sure you send it as an immediate follow-up after an interview. The instructions given below will help you to understand how to write thank you Email after an Interview.

Step-1: Simple Subject

Keep the email subject straight and simple. Do not add extra expressions to it because an email with plain subject gets opened most probably.

Step-2: Greet the Interviewer

Address the interviewer, in case the interview panel had many people, send the email to each one of them. 

Step-3: Appreciate the Meeting

Express your gratitude for selecting you for the interview. Thank the interviewer for spending time with you and mention the job position for which you were interviewed. 

Step-4: Express your Interest in the Job

If the interview was positive, then mention your skills and how well you suit the job. Sometimes, the interviewer can be clear that you are not qualified for the job; still, ask on what you should improve.  

Step-5: Hint a Thing from the Interview

Say about the skill they found interesting in you during the interview and state the experiences to explain the point. Also, mention how well you are planned to perform if selected for the position.

Step-6: Say you can Render more Information

At the end of the message, mention that you can share more information and say that the interviewer is free to contact you for further details. 

Step-7: Politely Close the Email

  • You can thank the interviewer again and decently sign off. Leave your job profile or social media account links.

Now you have seen how to write thank you Email after an Interview.

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