How To Do Hubspot Outlook Email Tracking?

Hubspot Track Emails Outlook

Learn how to do hubspot outlook email tracking. HubSpot Sales Outlook desktop is an awesome add-in designed to work with the top email clients like Outlook, Gmail/G Suite, etc. Using this add-in, you can track, view, and record your email activities easily and quickly. It also helps you use some sales tools directly in your email account.You can start tracking your email when the contacts open the mail or click on the link attached to the mail (sent by you). Continue reading this page to know more about tracking emails with the HubSpot for Outlook desktop add-in.

Connecting your Outlook account to HubSpot

To use HubSpot, first, you have to install and add your Outlook account to it.

  • Step 1:Download the HubSpot for Outlook desktop add-in’s installer file.
  • Step 2:After downloading the file, run it on your computer.
  • Step 3:Restart the Outlook application if prompted.
  • Step 4:Type your HubSpot account credentials in the given fields when prompted.
  • Step 5:Install the add-in by following the rest of the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • Step 6:Once the add-in is installed, the HubSpot Sales icon will be displayed on the Inbox ribbon of Outlook.

Enabling the Track feature and sending the "Track email"

  • step 1:Open the Outlook application if it is closed.
  • step 2:Sign in to your account if necessary.
  • step 3:Now, open the Compose window by clicking the Plus icon.
  • step 4:Locate the Track Email option at the top-right corner of the Outlook application screen and click the checkbox beside it.
  • step 5:Type the desired recipient’s address in the To field and fill the other fields with the relevant information.
  • step 6:Finally, click the Send button.
  • step 7:Once the recipient receives the email and opens it, you can start tracking it as per your needs.

Logging emails

You can log emails with the HubSpot for Outlook desktop add-in just like tracking them.

  • step 1:To do so, compose an email message for a user in your account or a connected email address.
  • step 2:Locate the Log to CRM option below Track Email and select it.
  • step 3:Now, click on the Records drop-down menu below Log to CRM.
  • step 4:Select the details that you wish to log by clicking the checkbox beside them.
  • step 5:Finally, click the Send button.

To know more about hubspot outlook email tracking call our tech experts.

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