Fixed: iCloud Mail Error Code 34608

iCloud Mail Error Code 34608

While you try to log in to your iCloud account on your iPhone, if you are unable to log in, then you might be getting the iCloud mail error code 34608 along with a message stating that you can use your new Apple ID. There are many reasons for the error code 34608 to occur on your Apple device.

  • Step 1:Your Apple account may be locked.
  • Step 2:Issue with the cellular data
  • Step 3:You are not receiving verification codes

Method 1:

In order to resolve the issue in no time, perform the steps given below, immediately when the iCloud error occurs.

  • Step 1:Make sure you have a reliable cellular data. If possible, connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi.
  • Step 2:Make sure you are signed in to iCloud with the same Apple ID on all your Apple devices.
  • Step 3:Keep your Apple devices updated. If your device is not updated, go to the Settings option and click the General Settings > Select Software Update and install New Updates.

Method 2:

Now, check if you could access your iCloud mail without the error. If you still face the error,

  • Step 1:You can log in to your iCloud account from another device.
  • Step 2:Switch the Apple device to the Airplane mode and disable the option in a few seconds.
  • Step 3:Reset the Network settings on your device as they can be one of the root causes of the issue.
  • Step 4:To Reset the Network Settings, select the following options: Settings > General > Reset > Reset General Settings. Now, try connecting your device to the internet.
  • Step 5:Make sure the syncing option is disabled because it consumes a lot of data, thus slowing down your internet.
  • Step 6:Another most important reason for the iCloud mail error code 34608 could be the new Terms and Policy that you wouldn’t be aware of. You can do the account verification again and then proceed to agree to terms and conditions.

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