Fixed: iPhone Mail App Cannot Download Attachment

iPhone Mail App Cannot Download Attachment

Nowadays, we depend on our phones for every single task. Right from keeping in touch with our co-workers and friends to downloading work-related emails, we make use of our phones for everything. If you have an iPhone, in some situations, your iPhone mail app cannot download attachment that come along with your emails. When your email attachments do not get downloaded, it will be annoying and frustrating, especially if the information that is sent to you is time-sensitive.  

Why can't I Download Email Attachments on my iPhone?

When you are trying to open an email attachment, your iPhone will start looking for an app immediately. Usually, your iPhone should be able to open the attachment in the viewer that is built-in (to its email app). However, if the attachment to be downloaded is a photo, PDF, or any other specialized file, this process might not work. In this scenario, you can attempt to save the attachment by carrying out the following simple steps:

  • Step 1:Assuming that you are looking at the email with your attachment, you now have to tap and hold the attachment.
  • Step 2:Now, you have to select the Save File option.
  • Step 3:You can then check to see whether the associated app is able to open the attachment.

Making use of iCloud Mail Drop:

At times, your iPhone mail app cannot download attachment if the file size is too large. In this case, you can utilize iCloud Mail Drop.

  • Step 1:iCloud Mail Drop helps you view and save the attachments that are too big for your iPhone/any other iOS device.
  • Step 2:To use this facility, you (the sender) should have iCloud Mail Drop enabled.
  • Step 3:To do that, you have to set up an iCloud email address under Settings -> [Sender’s Name] -> iCloud. Then, you have to turn on Mail and then follow the rest of the on-screen prompts.

Making use of Adobe Acrobat (if the attachment is a PDF):

When you download and open a file, it will open on a different app and not on your Mail app.

  • Step 1:In case the attachment in your email is a PDF, you can copy it to Adobe Acrobat and then open it from there.
  • Step 2:If your iPhone does not have the necessary app to download/open an attachment, you can download it from the iTunes Store within a few minutes.

We have now seen the issue of your iPhone mail app cannot download attachment, and we have also discussed some workarounds to resolve the issue.

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