How to Fix Iseries Email Troubleshooting?

Iseries Email Troubleshooting

iSeries, commonly referred to as AS/400, is a middle-range server ideal for small businesses. If you face any issues with the iSeries email, you can fix it with the proper solutions. Read this article and try out all the solutions we have listed here. They can help you fix the existing problem on your iSeries email. Without much ado, let us move into the Iseries Email Troubleshooting solutions.


  • Step 1:Before you proceed with the troubleshooting solutions, you should check the basics in the first place.
  • Step 2:You should be connected to an active Internet connection to access your iSeries email. If your Internet connection is not stable, try to improve its stability.
  • Step 3:Ensure that you have encrypted your email account with the TCP/IP configuration.
  • Step 4:Check whether the necessary servers are running in the email server section.
  • Step 5:In case none of the solutions wok, proceed with the following Iseries Email Troubleshooting methods.


  • step 1:In System i Navigator, select System -> Network.
  • step 1:Right-click on the TCP/IP configuration option and select Properties.
  • step 1:Go to the Host Domain Information tab and ensure that the correct domain name is selected.
  • step 1:Also, check whether the SMTP values are correct. To check them, go to System> Network> Servers> TCP/IP.
  • step 1:Double-click on the SMTP option and click the Outbound Mail Retries option. If the SMTP values are incorrect, make the necessary changes.


  • step 1:In System i Navigator, click on System> Users and Groups> All Users.
  • step 2:Right-click on the Profile of your user ID and choose the Properties option.
  • step 3:Click Personal and go to the Mail tab. Then, check your address in the system distribution directory.


  • step 1:In System i Navigator, click System> Network> Servers> TCP/IP.
  • step 2:Double-click on the POP option.
  • step 3:When the POP Properties dialog box appears, click the Configuration tab and ensure that No Maximum is selected in the Message Split Size field.

Try out all the Iseries Email Troubleshootingsolutions listed in this article to troubleshoot your iSeries email problem. If you still face Iseries Email Troubleshooting issues with your iSeries email, reach us for remote assistance.

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