How To Create New Folder In K9 Mail?

K-9 Mail is an ideal app for Android phone users to access their email accounts in a single destination. You just need to download the app from Play Store and configure your email accounts one by one. Creating new folders for a specific purpose can help you manage your email accounts effectively. Unfortunately, you don't have an option to create folders in K-9 Mail. But, you can do this in your webmail settings. However, you can manage your email accounts between the Archive, Drafts, and Inbox folders. If you want to know about K9 Mail Create New Folder, continue reading this article.


  • Step 1:Open the K9 Mail app on your smartphone and go to the Accounts page.
  • Step 2:Here, you can find all the accounts added to the K-9 Mail app.
  • Step 3:Now, tap the mail account for which you want to manage the folder and select the folder icon.
  • Manage Your Folders In The K-9 Mail App
  • Step 4:On the Folders screen, you can manage your emails accounts between the Archive, Drafts, and Inbox folders.
  • Folders
  • Step 5:The K-9 Mail app also enables you to manage your email accounts according to the importance of each email.
  • Step 6:If you have subscribed to many email lists and don't want to view all of them on your Android phone, you can set up your webmail to filter these unwanted emails. The filtered mails will go to the Email Lists folder so that they will not reach K-9 Mail.
  • Step 7:Simply put, you can configure K-9 Mail to set the folders as 1st and 2nd class. Therefore, important emails go to the 1st class folder, and the unwanted emails reach the 2nd class folder.
  • Step 8:To do this, tap the More Actions icon and click Settings followed by Folder Settings.
  • Step 9:On the Folder settings screen, you can find a list of options for your folders. Here, you can change the display class of your emails.
  • Folder Settings

If you need further assistance in managing your K9 Mail Create New Folder, you can reach our technical experts. Make use of the call option on this page for this purpose.

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