My Icloud Email Is Not Working

Why Is My Icloud Email Is Not Working

Every day, millions of communications are exchanged via email. So, when your iCloud email fails to work, it would become a great obstruction. Still, when you handle this problem with apt solutions, you can fix the whole issue in a better way. This page gives you better insights into the causes and solutions for the my icloud email is not working issue. Read this page and make iCloud email work again.


There is a cause behind every issue. Similarly, various reasons can stop the proper functioning of iCloud email. Here in this section, you will learn the causes behind the iCloud email not working issue.

Incorrect Icloud Email Address

Whenever your iCloud email fails to work, you should check the email address in the first place. If it is incorrect, make the changes to the email address and try to send the email again.

You Can Only Send 1000 Recipients A Day

The iCloud emails are restricted to 1000 recipients for a day (24-hour period). So, if you are sending more than 1000 emails, iCloud will not deliver them. In such instances, you may think that iCloud email is not working. But, the real issue occurs with the number of recipients.

If you have included too many recipients for a single email, restrict the recipients to 1000. If it is an important email, create another email account and send your emails.

Check Your Attachment

You cannot send an attachment that exceeds 20MB. So, if you have included an attachment to your email, check its size. If possible, compress the attachment to a minimum size and resend the email.

Is Icloud Mail Not Working Problem With Iphone, Ipad, Or Ipod Touch?

If you cannot access your iCloud from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, implement the following solutions:

  • Step 1:Check the strength of your Internet connection. If you find any instability in your Internet connection, fix the issue and check whether your current problem is resolved.
  • Step 2:On your iPhone/iPad/iPod, tap Settings> Mail> Accounts> Fetch New Data. Now, send an email to yourself to check whether your issue is resolved.
  • Step 3:If you still cannot resolve the issue, restart your device and check whether it works.

Are You Unable To Access Icloud Mail On

If you cannot access the iCloud mail via, open the Mail app and access your iCloud email account. But, if you want to fix this issue, follow the instructions below:

  • step 1:Check whether your browser is up-to-date. Also, check your browser’s compatibility. If you are using Safari, check whether you are using the recent version.
  • step 2:Clear all the caches on your browser and check whether you can access your iCloud email account. To clear the caches in your Safari, go to the Advanced tab and select Preferences> Show Develop menu in the menu bar> Empty Caches.


By reading the previous sections, you should have a clear idea of the possible causes behind the not working iCloud email. Here in this segment, you will get to know the techniques that can help you fix the icloud mail not working issue. Try out all the techniques and fix your issue.

  • step 1:Check your Internet connection and fix it if necessary.
  • step 2:Restart your device on which you are using the iCloud mail.
  • step 3:If your account’s name is grayed out, it indicates that your email account is in offline mode. To fix this problem, you need to switch it to Internet mode. If you still cannot get back your email account to online mode, go to the mailbox and click the Take All Accounts Online button.
  • step 4:The server settings play an important role in sending and receiving emails. So, check whether you have configured your iCloud email account with the correct credentials. Check whether the port number is set to 993 for IMAP and 995 for POP. If necessary, make the corrections and check whether your issue is resolved.

If Still, you telling us my iCloud email is not working, reach out to us to get expert support.

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