Settings up Netzero Email

Are you looking for the NetZero email settings? You have arrived at the right page to find the correct server settings and instructions to configure different email programs to receive NetZero emails.

Below are the NetZero mail settings that you may require to set up a NetZero account on different email programs manually


  • step 1:Email address:
  • step 2:Username: NetZero account ID
  • step 3:Password: NetZero account password
  • step 4:Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
  • step 5:Incoming mail server (POP3):
  • step 6:Outgoing port number: 465
  • step 7:Incoming port number: 995


  • step 1:Open your Thunderbird account.
  • step 2:Click on the Tools option.
  • step 3:Choose Account Settings.
  • step 4:Click on the Email Account and select Next.
  • step 5:Enter your name and the valid NetZero email address in the respective fields.
  • step 6:When asked to choose the incoming mail server, select POP. (Avoid choosing IMAP).
  • step 7:Next, enter the incoming mail server and port number (given above). The following steps are tells you how to do netzero email settings easily.
  • step 8:Click Next.
  • step 9:Enter your NetZero account email address for both the Incoming and Outgoing User Names.
  • step 10:Select Next.
  • step 11:Give a name for your NetZero account and click Next.
  • step 12:Verify that the given information is correct and then click Finish.
  • step 13:After creating a new account, choose Outgoing Server.
  • step 14:Provide the outgoing server name and port number.
  • step 15:Tick the Use Secure Connection and Use Secure Authentication checkboxes.
  • step 16:Choose Username and Password and enter your Netzero account email address.
  • step 17:Now, Mozilla Thunderbird will ask for your password for the first time.
  • step 18:Click OK.


  • Step 1:Launch Windows Live Mail.
  • Step 2:Click on the Add e-mail account option.
  • Step 3:Provide your NetZero email address, password, and name in the respective fields.
  • Step 4:Click on the box next to Manually configure server settings for e-mail account.
  • Configure Server Settings Manually
  • Step 5:Select Next.
  • Step 6:Select POP3 as your incoming mail server.
  • Step 7:Enter the incoming and outgoing server details given above.
  • Step 8:Tick the Requires authentication checkbox and click Next.

We hope your search for the NetZero email settings ends here. If you have doubts about configuring your email programs, let us know so we can he

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