Ns Sympatico Ca Email Settings In IMAP

Ns Sympatico Ca Email Settings

NS.SYMPATICO.CA is an email service provider that allows you to send and receive emails from your smartphone or desktop email clients over the internet. It is easy to set up the ns sympatico ca email settings and use like other email service providers. This email service uses IMAP as the incoming server and SMTP as the outgoing server.

This webpage covers the NS.SYMPATICO.CA email server settings and how to use them.

Ns.sympatico.ca Email IMAP And SMTP







Account Type






Your email address


Your email address




Your email account’s password


Your email account’s password


Server hostname







Port Number




Yes, required.

(Your email account’s username and password).

Yes, required.

(Your email account’s username and password).




Using Ns.sympatico.ca Email Server Settings

Using the above settings, you can configure your email account on Android, iOS, macOS, or desktop email clients, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, eM Client, etc.

For Android

  • Step 1:Initially, ensure that your Android smartphone is connected to a stable internet connection.
  • Step 2:Now, open the Mail app on your phone.
  • Step 3:Type your NS.SYMPATICO.CA email account’s email address and password on the Setup email screen for your email settings for sympatico ca.
  • Step 4:Choose the Manual Setup option on the same screen.
  • Step 5:Tap on the IMAP ACCOUNT button on the Add email account screen.
  • Click On The Imap Account Button
  • Step 6:Type your email account’s IMAP server settings on the Incoming server settings screen and tap Next.
  • Server Settings Screen And Click Next
  • Step 7:Similarly, type your account’s SMTP server settings on the Outgoing Settings screen and tap Next.
  • SMTP Settings Screen
  • Step 8:Wait for the Mail app to verify the settings and complete the setup.
  • Step 9:Once it is done, the Setup Complete message will be displayed on the screen.
  • Step 10:Tap Done.

For Outlook 2013 (Automatic method)

  • step 1:Open the Outlook 2013 app on your computer.
  • step 2:Click on the File menu.
  • step 3:Choose the Info option followed by Account Settings.
  • step 4:Now, select the Email Account option on the Add Account - Auto Account Setup screen.
  • step 5:Type your account’s name, email address, and password in the given fields.
  • step 6:Click the Next button followed by Allow.
  • Enter Your Account’s Name
  • step 7:Now, the Outlook 2013 application will automatically detect your NS.SYMPATICO.CA email account’s server settings (IMAP and SMTP) and configure the account.
  • step 8:Once the account is configured, the Setup Complete message will appear on the screen.
  • step 9:Click the Finish button followed by Close.

Congratulations! You have successfully configured your NS.SYMPATICO.CA email account with its IMAP and SMTP settings in Outlook 2013.

Contact us if you need to know more about the Ns Sympatico Ca Email Settings.

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