Fixed: Office 365 SMTP Error Data Not Accepted

Office 365 SMTP error data not accepted

The SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is an email communication interface that helps in the transmission of emails from an email client to the mail server. It is a program used for sending emails to another computer based on the email addresses entered in the recipient field. It helps in providing an email exchange among the users on the same or different computers, and it also supports the following.

  • Step 1:It helps in sending messages to more than one recipient.
  • Step 2:The composed message can include a text, voice, video, or even graphics.
  • Step 3:It also sends messages to networks and devices that are outside the internet.
  • Step 4:The primary use of the SMTP is when there is a set of communication rules between the servers.
  • Step 5:The SMTP servers have the ability to identify themselves and also notice the communication standard that is implemented.
  • Step 6:They also have a way of handling errors, such as incorrect email addresses.

Our Servers Do Not Allow Different Username

  • Step 1:The servers need the from email address, and the same email address needs to be authenticated.
  • Step 2:You can check the name and match it with the username to log into the SMTP server.

The Message Size Is Too LargE

  • Step 1:Some servers will have the option of rejecting mails that are too large in size.
  • Step 2:HTML bound emails, in general, are more prominent than the standard text messages. You can also decrease the size of the mail by removing some attachments.

The Receiver Is Blacklisted Or Blocked

  • Step 1:Sometimes specific email addresses are blocked, and the server rejects your message.
  • Step 2:So, if the mail you try to send is not being sent, then make sure your email or the recipient email address is not blacklisted.

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Office 365 Smtp Error Data Not Accepted

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Office 365 Smtp Error Data Not Accepted?

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