Outlook Not Syncing With Gmail

Basically, the Outlook application is designed to work with almost all email clients. After setting up the account, you can also sync the configured account’s details, such as account settings, contact details, etc., with it. However, users face some problems while performing the sync process.Many users have reported that their Outlook not syncing with Gmail. If you’re also facing this same problem, scroll down this page to know how to fix it.


The Outlook is not syncing with Gmail problem is faced by many users in their daily lives. However, it is easy to resolve. Try the simple, quick troubleshooting solutions given below to fix the sync issue in Outlook.

Outdated Google Sync Services

If you’re using the free sync features of Google, such as Google Sync and Google Calendar Sync, there is a chance for a problem to occur while performing the sync process. Because these two features were discontinued by Google in 2012, and in this case, you can try the premium sync services offered by Google to sync your Gmail account with Outlook and avoid the sync issues in the feature.

Check Windows Updates

You might also encounter a sync problem due to some Windows updates. If you have installed the KB2837618 and KB2837643 Windows Updates recently on your computer, uninstall them immediately because these two updates don’t allow IMAP to sync. But, the Outlook application needs the IMAP protocol to perform the sync process.So, uninstall the KB2837618 and KB2837643 Windows updates on your computer manually. After doing it, re-add your Gmail account in Outlook (if necessary) and try to sync the details.If the sync issue persists, try the next solution given below.

Remove And Re-add Gmail Account

This is an effective solution to fix the “Outlook not syncing with Gmail” problem.

Removing the Gmail account

Open Outlook and click the File menu on its main screen. Select Account > Social Settings > Account Settings. From the list of accounts, select the Gmail account that you want to remove. Now, click Remove > Yes.

Re-adding the Gmail account

Open the File menu of Outlook. Select the Add Account option. Choose the configuration type and follow the on-screen instructions to re-add your account. While re-adding the account, make sure that the account’s server settings, such as IMAP and POP, are entered correctly in their fields.

Now, try to sync. If the Outlook application is not syncing with Gmail again, try the next solution given below.

Check Gmail Pop And Imap Server Settings

Sometimes, the misconfigured server settings can also cause these kinds of problems. Check whether your Gmail account’s IMAP or POP3 settings are configured correctly in the Outlook application. If not, configure them correctly and then try to sync your Gmail account with Outlook.

Check Network Connection

An unstable or poor internet connection can also cause a sync problem. Check whether the computer (on which you’re using the Outlook application) is connected to a stable internet connection. If not, disconnect and reconnect the computer to the stable internet connection.

Try Premium Solution

As said above, the free syncing features are no longer available. So, if you really want to outlook not syncing with gmail, upgrade your account to a premium one to use the Google apps, which contain syncing tools. I hope that the above solutions have helped you in resolving the Outlook not syncing with the Gmail problem. In case they fail to fix the problem, contact our technical experts for further assistance.

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